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Department Notables

  • Past Symposia: Documentation of an active tradition of scholarship and community engagement through workshops, symposia, and other gatherings of scholars and intellectuals.
  • Past Visitors: UT's Germanic Studies has hosted many prominent authors and intellectuals -- see whose names you recognize.
  • Past German Plays: A fifty-year-long tradition of German plays with student actors continues . . . Read more about its origins and its present.

Hubert Heinen [pdf, 204 kb]
Robert Mollenauer [pdf, 76 kb]
Walter D. Wetzels [pdf, 104 kb]


MA and PhDs granted

Departmental Notables of the Past

J. Lassen Boysen [pdf, 228 kb]
Robert T. Clark [pdf, 156 kb]
Frank E. Donahue [pdf, 135 kb]
    Donahue in 2003
Lars Gustafsson [pdf, 220 kb]
Lee Hollander [pdf, 148 kb]
André Lefevere [pdf, 492 kb]
   Memorial Resolution  [pdf, 12 kb]

Ruth Lehman [pdf, 124 kb]
Winfred P. Lehmann [pdf, 160 kb]
Wolfgang F. Michael [pdf, 272 kb]
Marian Michael
Christopher Middleton [pdf, 88 kb]
   Memorial Resolution [pdf, 82 kb]
Thomas O'Hare [pdf, 124 kb]
Edgar Polomé [pdf, 276 kb]
   Memorial Resolution [pdf, 16 kb]
Helmut Rehder [pdf, 208 kb]
Ralph R. Read III [pdf, 132 kb]
George Schulz-Behrend [pdf, 132 kb]
Don C. Travis, Jr. [pdf, 88 kb]
Robert Van Dusen [pdf, 412 kb];
    Article from Life and Letters [pdf, 1.4 mb]
Stanley N. Werbow [pdf, 144 kb]
    In memoriam [pdf, 4.7 mb]
A. Leslie Willson [pdf, 112 kb]
Jeanne Willson [pdf, 76 kb]