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Awards and Honors

  • Katherine Arens book  Vienna’s Dreams of Europe: Culture and Identity beyond the Nation-State was awarded an honorable mention for the 2016  book prize awarded every two years by the Center for Austrian Studies iat the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. The award was announced at a reception at the 2016 German Studies Association Convention in San Diego in October.
  • Professor Sabine Hake has been appointed Senior Fellow by the European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellowship Program for the 2015-16 academic year. EURIAS is the elite fellowship program for the humanities and social sciences within the European Union. Only 40 awards were made out of a global pool of 667 applications. Professor Hake was one out of only three Americans selected. Fellows work at one of 15 elite institutions across Europe. Professor Hake will work at the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS).
  • Kirkland Alexander Fulk was awarded a Summer Research Award for 2015 from the U of Texas at Austin.




Sabine Hake, The Proletarian Dream: Socialism, Culture, and Emotion in Germany, 1863-1933. De Gruyter, 2017.  ISBN 978-3-11-054936-2

cover of Urlaub volume 

 Per Urlaub and Johanna Watzinger-Tharp, eds.  The Interconnected Language Curriculum:  Critical Transitions and Interfaces in Articulated K-16 Contexts. Boston:  Cenage, 2018 (appeared November 2016).

book cover image  

Katherine Arens. Vienna's Dreams of Europe: Culture and Identity Beyond the Nation-State.  London, New Delhi, New York, Sydney: Bloomsbury, 2015.

Arens book cover  

Katherine Arens. Belle Necropolis:  Ghosts of Imperial Vienna. New York: Lang, 2015

Swaffar - Urlaub book Cover Image  

Janet Swaffar and Per Urlaub (eds.).  Transforming Postsecondary Foreign Language Teaching in the United States.  Dordrecht: Springer, 2014.

Boas, ed. Book cover image  

Hans C. Boas and Francisco Gonzálvez-García (eds.). 2014. Romance Perspectives on Construction Grammar. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 


Cover of dunt's book

Detlef Dunt. Journey to Texas, 1833. Translated by Anders Saustrup. Edited and with an introduction by James C. Kearney and Geir Bentzen. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2015 (the first English translation of the earliest German book about Texas).

By John Weinstock:

Articles and Chapters:  


Belgum, Kirsten. "Using Contests to Connect: A View from the Collegiate Level." Unterrichtspraxis 50:2 (2017): 184-197.


Cori Crane. "Making Connections in Beginning Language Instruction through Structured Reflection and the World-Readiness Standards for Language Learning."  IN: Per Urlaub and Johanna Watzinger-Tharp, eds.  The Interconnected Language Curriculum:  Critical Transitions and Interfaces in Articulated K-16 Contexts. Boston:  Cenage, 2018 (appeared November 2016). 51-74

Katherine Arens. "Danube Limes: The Limits of the Geographic-Cultural Imaginary."  In:Watersheds: Poetics and Politics of the Danube River.  Eds. Marijeta Bozovic and Matthew D. Miller. Brighton, MA:  Academic Studies Press, 2016.  1-24


Katherine Arens. "Ein universitärer Vielvölkerstaat: Die Universität Wien in Textbildern.”  In Margarete Grandner  and Thomas König, eds. Reichweiten und Außensichten: Die Universität Wien als Schnittstelle wissenschaftlicher Entwicklungen und gesellschaftlicher Umbrüche.  Wien, Göttingen:  Vienna University Press & V&R unipress, 2015. 35-60 (part of a four-volume collection celebrating the 650th Anniversary of the University of Vienna).

Two faculty members have articles in the new volume: Censorship and Exile. Eds. Johanna Hartmann and Hubert Zapf.  Göttingen: V&R unipress, 2015:.

  • Kirsten Belgum: “Censorship and Piracy: Publishing and State Control in Early Nineteenth-Century Germany.” 121-135.
  • Katherine Arens. “Self-Censorship, Self-Immolation: Intellectual Exiles and Violence in Academic Cultures.” 137-162.

John Weinstock. “Sámi language(s) in the European context.” Minority Languages in Europe and Beyond – Results and Prospects. Sture Ureland and John Stewart [Eds.]. Studies in Eurolinguistics, Vol. 9. Logos Verlag Berlin, 2015. (Please note that John Stewart, one of the editors, received his PhD in our Department.)

Peter Hess. "Is Switzerland a Threat to the European Union? Switzerland as Template for Political Debates in the EU."
Revue transatlantique d’études suisses, 4 (2014), 105-119. download

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John Weinstock, "At the frontier: Sámi linguistics gets a boost from outside.” New Trends in Nordic and General Lingujistics. Ed. by Hilpert, Martin / Östman, Jan-Ola / Mertzlufft, Christine, Rießler, Michael / Duke, Janet.  Series: linguae & litterae de Gruyter / FRIAS January, 2015.

FALL 2014

Hans C. Boas:
  • "Lexical and phrasal approaches to argument structure: Two sides of the same coin.” In: Theoretical Linguistics 40.1-2, 89-112. 
  • --- 2014. “Zur Architektur einer konstruktionsbasierten Grammatik des Deutschen.” In: Lasch, Alexander & Ziem, Alexander (Hrsg.): Grammatik als Netzwerk von Konstruktionen. Sprachwissen im Fokus der Konstruktionsgrammatik (= Sprache und Wissen 15). Berlin: de Gruyter. 37-63.

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Arens, Katherine.  "Discipline, Institution, and Assessment: The Graduate Curriculum, Credibility, and
Accountability." IN: Per Urlaub and Janet Swaffar, eds. Transforming Postsecondary Foreign Language Teaching in the United States. Dordrecht: Springer, 2015 (appeared August 2014).

Rehberg, Peter.

Urlaub, Per. "Der Jubel über das EuGH-Urteil gegen Google ist voller Doppelmoral. Wir sind doch sonst alle so flammend für die Transparenz – wenn es um Edward Snowden geht." Die Welt, 19 May 2014.

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Peter Hess:
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Hans-Bernhard Moeller:
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