Department of Germanic Studies

MAs, 2001 to present

May 2021

Ji-Hyun "Jin" Ahn
A comparative analysis of semantic frames and constructions in the English and German translations of Le Petit Prince

Dr. Hans Boas and Dr. Marc Pierce

May 2018

Marisol Bayona Roman
Baedeker's Berlin(s)
Dr. Katherine Arens

May 2017
Jacob Reis
Oath Formulas in the Poetic Edda
Dr. Marc Pierce

May 2016

Elizabeth Alexander
Josef Fares' Zozo Accented Cinema
Dr. Lynn R Wilkinson

August 2015

Margo Blevins
Auxiliary tun in Texas German
Dr. Hans Boas

May 2015

Tavis Sartin
That Which is Brewed: An Etymology of Germanic Words for 'Beer'
Dr. Marc Pierce

May 2014

Matthew Anderson
Beautifully Blonde or Enchantingly Ugly:Re-Imagining the Swedish Nation Through Text and Image in the Illustrated Fairy Tale Annual  'Bland Tomtar och Troll'
Dr. Kirsten Belgum

Collin Brown
Gender Assignment in Loan Words in the History of Icelandic: A Synchronic and Diachronic Analysis
Dr. Marc Pierce

May 2013

David A. Stephan
The Politics in Religion: Keller's Sieben Legenden and His Political Engagement
Dr. Katherine Arens

May 2011

Ryan Dux
A Frame-semantic Analysis of Five English Verbs Evoking the Theft Frame
Dr. Hans Boas

Jessica Plummer
Contextualizing a Motif: Late Nineteenth Century Portrayals of the German Poacher-Hero
Dr. Kit Belgum

August 2010

Adams LaBorde
Redefining Three Old Saxon Prepositions

Dr. Marc Pierce

May 2010

Alison Carden
Xenophobia in a United Germany: A Unique Post-Reunification Phenomenon?
Dr. Pascale Bos

Anke Zwietasch
Humor and Parodies in the Foreign Language Classroom
Dr. Per Urlaub

August 2009

Maggie Gemmell
Defining Formality Levels: Cultural Scripts as a Guide to the Formality Scale of Register
Dr. Hans Boas

May 2009

Mason Hickman
Icarus Rising: Politicized Myths in the German Democratic Republic
Dr. Philip Broadbent

Jennifer Perkins
From Theory to Implementation: Understanding, Acknowledging and  Decreasing Anxiety in the Foreign Language Classroom
Dr. Zsuzsanna Abrams

May 2008

Hunter Weilbacher
"Das weiss ich anyhow nicht": The Syntax and Pragmatics of the Bilingual Discourse Markers Anyway and Anyhow in Texas German
Dr. Hans Boas

May 2007

Kelly Angelos
Teaching and Learning Grammar in a Foreign Language: Noticing, Consciousness-Raising, and Acquisition
Dr. Zuszanna Abrams

Prabhpreet Chadha
Vocabulary Acquisition: The Stepchild of Foreign Language Learning
Dr. Zuszanna Abrams

Jansen Harris
 L2 Vocabulary Acquisition: The Interaction of Culture and Motivation
Dr. Zsuzsanna Abrams

Vincent Vanderheijden
“Is that Enlgish I hear over there?” Rethinking the Prohibition on L1 use in Foreign Language Learning
Dr. Zsuzsanna Abrams

December 2006

Bradley Boovy
Disrupted Vision of Modernity: Walter Benjamin’s Moskauer Tagebuch as an Experiment in Modern Urban Writing
Dr. Sabine Hake

Nathan Hill
Hrotsvit’s Agenda: Dramatic Dichotomies and Subversive Submission in the Plays of Hrotsvit of Gandersheim
Dr. Sandra Straubhaar

Patrick Schultz
From Antiquity to the Neogrammarian Hypothesis: Major Developments in the Systematization of Historical and Comparative Linguistics
Dr. Sandra Straubhaar

December 2005

Patrick Horton
Historiographic Metafiction and Postmoderism in Am kurzeren Ende der Sonnenalee: A Case Study of Inter-Referentiality of Art Forms in Postmodern Narrative
Dr. Sabine Hake

August 2005

Ulrike Bathe
Gender in Nouns in Standard German, Texas German, and Base Dialects for Texas German—An Overview
Dr. Hans Boas

May 2005

Laura Felusiak
Teaching a Foreign Culture via Culture Portfolios: Feature Films in the German Language Classroom
Dr. Zsuzsanna Abrams

Tracye Keen
In Search of a Political Voice: Exploring the Historical and Cultural Significance of the Female Whetter Figure in the Icelandic Family Sagas
Dr. Sandra  B. Straubhaar

Robert G. Kohn
Loss, Memory and Vergangenheitsbewältigung
Dr. Sabine Hake

Carolyn Moore
Prototype Semantics: The Meaning of "Life"
Dr. Hans C. Boas

Jana Thompson
A Process-Based Approach to the Treatment of English-Language Past Participles in Texas German
Dr. Hans C. Boas

December 2004

Guido Frank Halder
The Suffix -EI in German Noun Formation
Dr. Hans Boas

George Erin Teachman
Recovering Schlegel: Breaking Ground on an Archaeology of Irony
Dr. Kirsten Belgum

May 2004

Clair Helene Mealy
Plural Formation in German: English Loan Words from the Computer Domain
Dr. Hans Boas

December 2003

Stephanie Shannon Turner
Teaching Word Stress: Problem Areas for American Learners of German
Dr. Zsuzsanna Abrams

May 2003

Lee Wallace Holt
Onward Through the Fog: Imagined Events and the First German North Pole Expedition
Dr. Kirsten Belgum

Ann Keller-Lally
Student Expectation in the First-Semester German Foreign Language Classroom
Dr. Zsuzsanna Abrams

Charles David Whitenberg
The Cradle of Sweden: Debates on a National Narrative
Dr. Sandra Straubhaar

May 2002 

Shane Bertram Baker
Beginnings of the Vilna Troupe: Jewish and German Politics in the Formation of a Yiddish Art Theater
Dr. Robert D. King

Ramon Galvan Gomez
A Paleographic Description of Plato's Timaeus in Manuscript Number Twenty-Nine of the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Mark Southern

Daniela Maria Richter
"Nur vergiss nicht, wer du bist": Advice and Guidance by Non-Title Characters in Lessing's Miss Sara Sampson and Emilia Galotti
Drs. Kirsten Belgum and Susanne Hafner

Kenneth Scott Witmer
The Sociopolitics of Portraying East and West German Masculinities: The Television Film Schulz and Schulz
Dr. Janet Swaffar

December 2001

Kersten Horn
Kinder, Kopftuch, Koran-Images of Islam in the German Press: Muslims in Schools and in the Public Debate
Dr. Nina Berman

August 2001

Carrie Neal Jackson
The Relationship between Audience Attitudes, Linguistic Stereotypes, and Announcer Speech Style Choice on Austrian Radio
Dr. Mark Southern

May 2001

Karen Jayne Brettell
Gender-Marked and Gender-Neutral in Contemporary German: An Acceptability Study of Speaker Attitudes and Media Practices
Dr. Mark Southern

Kirk Roland Martinson
Interaction, Identity and Intensive Immersion: An Ethnographic Investigation of a Summer Language Village
Dr. Frank Donahue

John Michael Tolon
The Aesthetic Crisis and Religion in Der Tod Georgs
Dr. Kit Belgum