Department of Germanic Studies

German Studies Endowment

We ask you to consider contributing to the newly created Fund to Establish the Germanic Studies Endowment in the Department of Germanic Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. Its goals are to:

  • Raise funds to establish graduate student scholarships;
  • Promote undergraduate teaching and support visiting lecturers;
  • Provide more visibility to Germanic Studies in our community.

Over the years, eminent scholars in the field of Germanic literature and linguistics, such as Edgar Polomé, Helmut Rehder, Wolfgang F. Michael, and André Lefevere, put our Department on the national and international map. Our current faculty continues this tradition, and their work is well known to scholars on both sides of the Atlantic. The Department has trained scores of graduate students who have become professors at institutions across the nation. Our undergraduate program teaches German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Yiddish to hundreds of students every year. Moreover, we recently developed an Outreach Program that teaches basic units on German language and culture to Austin's elementary and middle schools that offer no instruction in German.

To keep our outstanding reputation, it is particularly imperative that we be able to offer more scholarships to our top graduate student candidates. Annually we face stiffer competition, and each year we lose many of our outstanding prospective students to other programs. Graduate students are essential to The University because they teach almost all of our language courses. They are the future scholars who will promote Germanic languages and literatures among the next generation of students.

Please contribute to the Germanic Studies Endowment and help us to recruit top candidates and support the undergraduate and programmatic needs of the Department. The attached form will allow you to make an outright gift or a pledge toward establishing the Endowment. Thank you for considering a gift to this valuable program. Your continued loyalty and support are greatly appreciated.

Form for contributions