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Dr. Hannes Mandel Co-Authored Article

Fri, June 1, 2018
Dr. Hannes Mandel Co-Authored Article

The second volume of the Historisches Wörterbuch des Mediengebrauchs continues the first volume's innovative approach to the study of media. Rather than observing media along pre-established time periods marked by supposed technological “revolutions,” the dictionary focuses on the various ways in which people make use of media technologies, cutting across the ages and enabling a host of new perspectives and insights. Daniel Fehr's and Dr. Hannes Mandel’s article on “Folgen/Followen” traces the history of the cultural practice of following the news, from 19th century newspaper subscriptions to present-day Twitter feeds. An earlier article of theirs in the first volume investigated the cultural practice behind “Liken” – a recent German neologism describing the 'liking of things publicly,' on the internet and beyond.

Fehr, Daniel, and Hannes Mandel. "Folgen." Historisches Wörterbuch des Mediengebrauchs, edited by Heiko Christians et al., vol. 2, Cologne, Böhlau, 2018, pp. 167-85.
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