Department of Germanic Studies

Germanic Studies In the Media

Mon, February 22, 2010

Recent appearances of our faculty in the local, national, and international media:

**Sabine Hake on "New 'Jud Süss' Flops as Faustian Drama" in Spiegel online (2/19/2010)

**Katie Arens appears on the Modern Language Association's "What's the Word?" radio series, in an episode on  "Post-1989 Eastern Europe," speaking about the film Good-Bye, Lenin! (airs various dates nationally, starting 11 November 2009)

**Media Coverage of the 9th November "Tear Down That Wall" event:

**Hans Boas in the German magazine Stern on Wurstfest in New Braunfels (7 November 2009).

**John Hoberman on sports and politics in the New York Times (2 November 2009).

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