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2011 Texas Foreign Language Teaching Excellence Awards Announced

Wed, April 6, 2011
2011 Texas Foreign Language Teaching Excellence Awards Announced

The Texas Language Center is pleased to announce the winners of the first Texas Foreign Language Teaching Excellence Awards. Students submitted nominations late last fall based on the teacher’s commitment, knowledge, passion, and ability to challenge. Members of the the Texas Language Center Advisory Committee carefully reviewed each nomination and chose one winner from each of two categories: tenured, tenure track, or lecturer, and graduate assistant instructor. This year's winner for grad assistant instructor is Jan Uelzmann.

Jan Uelzmann
Jan is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Germanic Studies, specializing in German literature and culture of the 20th century. Jan's dissertation, supervised by Sabine Hake and Philip Broadbent, is entitled Bonn, the Transitional Capital and its Founding Discourses, 1948-1963 and reconstructs the city´s role in the public imaginary of the Adenauer years. Jan has taught advanced German, first- and second year German, and Germanic Civilization classes at the University of Texas and at Texas Tech University.

Congratulations to Mr. Uelzmann on this achievement and to all the excellent nominees!

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