Department of Germanic Studies

Fall 2013 Proseminar

Tue, October 1, 2013

In this departmental seminar, which meets two hours every other week, students are given an overview of the field of Germanic studies. Faculty members introduce research methods, resources, debates and career opportunities in their specialty, either by presenting ongoing research or by talking about the field more generally. All events take place on Fridays, 3-5 PM in Burdine 337.

9/6 Per Urlaub, Language Pedagogy

9/20 Sabine Hake, Cultural History

10/11 Marc Pierce, Diachronic Linguistics

10/25 Pascale Bos, Gender and Holocaust Studies

11/8 Peter Hess, The Early Periods

11/22 Martin Baeumel, Goethezeit

12/6 Kit Belgum: Travel Literature

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