Department of Germanic Studies

Gemanic Studies Intellectual Entrepreneurship Intern

Thu, February 6, 2014

Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Pre-Grad Intern Brittney Hammons just had her video completed and produced by the College of Liberal Arts. Ms. Hammons' video focusses on withcraft, especially Norwegian witchcraft. Ms. Hammons was mentored by Jason Roberts, graduate student and frequent instructor in the Department of Gemanic Studies. Mr. Roberts points out that Ms. Hammons presented her research project she refers to in the video at the conference "Text, Context, and Non-text: Grimoires in Central Europe" in spring 2013. Mr. Roberts furthers points out that Ms. Hammons was invited by the editor of a journal to submit her research project for publication.

Here is the link to Ms. Hammons' video about her research project on Witchcraft:

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