Department of Germanic Studies

Scandinavian Studies

The study of Scandinavian languages and cultures (Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish) is alive and well at the University of Texas, but the title "Scandinavian Studies Major" is no longer in the University Catalogue because Scandinavian Studies now is integrated into a more diverse and interdisciplinary course of study leading to majors and minors, without losing its prior strengths.

The new major is now entitled "German, Scandinavian, and Dutch Studies," with its course offerings available under the "GSD" prefix in University Course Schedules.

The major that now encompasses Scandinavian Studies at UT is configured flexibly to maximize students' choices, especially for those interested in interdisciplineary studies in culture and those interested in international careers. The GSD major still includes the language study which will help individuals to realize their personal and professional goals.

Please click here for information on this exciting new degree program, rolled out in 2015.