The Department of Government
The Department of Government

Top 10 Procedural Reminders

1. Travel Authorizations (RTA): must be submitted prior to travel; membership payments are not travel expenses, and should be processed as a general reimbursement (see #2 below). Travel receipts go to Sarah.

2. Reimbursements: All reimbursements require an itemized receipt and proof of payment (such as a receipt showing a credit card being charged in addition to the itemized receipt). Reimbursement must be complete 60 calendar days from receipt date. Receipts go to Carolina.

3. Group meal receipts: Please submit an OOEF after the event and turn in receipts to Jenna. Alcohol can’t exceed 49% of a group meal receipt.

4. Reserving a room: Please use our online form:

5. Hiring students: Contact Katie Beth via email and fill out the request form. Start dates for student employees will be at minimum two weeks out from the date of request, and could be longer depending on factors such as student responsiveness and business processes outside our department.

6. Purchases: Must go through Katie Beth. The only exceptions are books and downloadable apps. Reimbursement requests for those exceptions go to Carolina.

7. Grants: please contact Katie Beth both prior to submitting a proposal and also when you receive an award to confirm she is aware of your award status (be sure to include your final approved budget).

8. Issues with the printer: submit them online here-

9. Preliminary exams: Please turn in your scores by the date posted on the student’s evaluation sheet.

10. TA for your class: If you want a particular student, please contact Chaz and do not make any commitments to individual students. We don’t take TA requests from students, and only the graduate advisor and coordinator can make TA assignments.

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