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Diversity Workshops & Trainings

UT Admissions photos of students. Photos by Jason Jones, freelancer for Admissions and UT Austin. Permission for use granted by Eric Baumgardner in Admissions. All students are model released.

Across campus, the University of Texas offers information, consultation, and training to the University community with regard to diversity, inclusion, and organizational climate. We encourage Department of Government faculty, students, and staff to take advantage of these resources. Here is just a sample:

Inclusive Classrooms Leadership Certificate Seminar

The Inclusive Classrooms Leadership Certificate Seminar, offered through the Office for Inclusion and Equity, engages groups of university instructors (faculty, teaching assistants, assistant instructors, etc.) in discussions about strategies for developing and sustaining an inclusive classroom climate. With opportunities to learn from each other’s experiences, participants explore elements of course design and processes that can broaden intellectual scope, supporting students while reflecting the core values at The University of Texas at Austin. Learn more.

Gender and Sexuality Center Workshops

The work of the GSC Education Program is to collaborate with each of you to make the UT campus welcoming and affirming for women and LGBTQIA+ people and people with more than one of these identities. These workshops are for students, faculty, staff, and administrators; these workshops are for people who do and for people who don’t identify as LGBTQIA+ or as women. These interactive workshops use an intersectional approach to foster and develop allyship practices that center affirming people of color as necessary for affirming women and LGBTQIA+ people. Here is a sample:

  • Intersectionality & Allyship – You will learn about and practice identifying how multiple systems of oppression (including racism, ableism, classism, and sexism) overlap with gender and sexuality on our campus.
  • Affirming LGBTQIA+ People: Interpersonal Allyship (Allyship Toolkit Part 1)
  • Identifying and Interrupting Sexism in Classrooms and Workplaces – Staff / Faculty Only
  • Working Towards Gender Justice – Students Only
  • You can also Request a Workshop specific to your needs, for your faculty, staff, and/or students, in or out of the classroom.
  • Learn more.

Office of Inclusion and Equity Educational Resources

The Office for Inclusion and Equity offers educational resources to faculty, staff, and students, including information, consultation, training, and resources with regard to diversity, harassment and discrimination prevention, affirmative action, equal opportunity, and disability matters. Learn more.

UTLearn "Dynamics of Diversity" Courses

The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement and Human Resources offer courses through UTLearn, including a list of courses that are part of the "Dynamics of Diversity" certificate.  UT Austin employees will be able to learn more about managing diverse teams and working with students, staff, and faculty from all backgrounds as well as how campus climate, Title IX, and implicit bias can affect our culture at work. Here is a sample:

  • Campus Climate (It ain’t the weather.)
  • Recognizing and Interrupting Implicit Bias in the Workplace
  • Identifying and Interrupting Sexism in Classrooms and Workplaces
  • LGBTQIA+ 101: Definitions & Concepts OR Allyship Toolkit Part 1
  • See all DDCE UTLearn Courses.

Texas Leadership Education and Development Consultations & Workshops

Offered through the Office of the Dean of Students, these are designed to help students and organizations at UT Austin improve their ability to lead. Whether a student wants to improve their leadership confidence, or a group is looking to navigate conflict, there is an opportunity to learn new leadership skills. Workshops are available for classes, student organizations, and other campus groups. For example:
  • A SEAT AT THE TABLE: HOW TO BE AN INCLUSIVE LEADER: Through this workshop, participants explore their social identities, areas of privilege, and engage in meaningful discussion about the impact of their own and other's identities. Participants get comfortable being uncomfortable in order to practice active inclusion and using empathy for courageous leadership. Learn more.

COLA Diversity and Inclusion Consultation

The College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offers diversity, inclusion, and organizational climate consultations for faculty, staff, and students in our college. We prioritize consultations in areas not currently offered by the university. Fill out this form to request a consultation.

American Political Science Association Resources

The APSA strategic plan states that one of APSA’s overarching goals is to promote and encourage diversity and inclusion in the profession and to identify and aid students and faculty from under-represented backgrounds in the political science discipline. Learn more from this list of APSA resources for advancing and promoting diversity and inclusion within the discipline.

If you are aware of other resources you'd like to share here with the Department of Government community, please email Sarah Eliason.

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