The Department of Government
The Department of Government

Two-Day Symposium: The Limits of Brazilian Developmentalism

Thu, October 17, 2013 | 2nd Floor Conference Room, Benson Latin American Collection, SRH Unit 1; Eastwoods Room, UNB 2.102

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

October 17th, 2:00–5:00 PM
2nd Floor Conference Room, Benson Latin American Collection, SRH Unit 1

October 18th, 10:00 AM–4:00 PM
Eastwoods Room, UNB 2.102

Developmentalism is an economic theory that encourages Third World countries to develop by promoting strong and diversified internal markets while imposing high tariffs on imported goods. When we look back in the last 80 years of Brazilian economic and social history it is striking to perceive the permanence of developmentalism as a thread that connects political regimes and contexts as dissimilar as Vargas, Kubitchek, Geisel, and Lula. And as much as the current policies have successfully combined economic growth with diminishing inequalities, there are several significant agendas being marginalized by the persistent emphasis on developmentalism as a solution for all problems, as the protests of last June reminded us all.
This two-day seminar will bring together scholars from different disciplines to discuss the roots of Brazilian developmentalism ideology and its impact on issues regarding ethnicity, gender, race, the city, and the environment.

Alexandre de Freitas Barbosa, Institute of Brazilian Studies (IEB), Universidad de São Paulo
Kathryn Hochstetler, CIGI Chair of Governance in the Americas; Professor, Balsillie School of International Affairs
Wendy Hunter, Professor, Department of Government, UT Austin

For more information, contact Paloma Diaz.

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