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Political Scientists of Color

Contact: God'swill Osa

Political Scientists of Color (PSC) was founded by graduate students of color in the Department of Government to address the specific experiences and challenges of BIPOC scholars. The PSC’s mission is to build a more inclusive community for scholars of color in the department and academia at large. The group offers solidarity in informal potlucks and meetings, participation in the department and discipline at large by participating in the departmental Diversity Task Force, The Politics of Race and Ethnicity Lab, and fostering communication among BIPOC scholars.

Queer in Political Science

Contact: Joseph Cozza

Queer in Political Science (QuIPS) is an organization founded by graduate students at the University of Texas to address the challenges queer academics face in political science and to provide opportunities for gender and sexual minorities to engage in important discussions about research, professional development, and academia more broadly. Our mission is to enrich the academic and professional environment for queer people in the department and the discipline in order to build a more inclusive academic community. In doing so, we coordinate social events, graduate student workshops, guest lectures, and professionalization sessions throughout the academic year to connect queer academics, allow us to present our research in a supportive environment, and share research on issues important to the queer community. Join the conversation on Twitter.

Women in Political Science

Co-Organizers: Paz AvilaLaura de Castro Quaglia, Klara Fredriksson, Sarah Heise, and Katie Madel

Women in Political Science (WIPS) is a graduate student initiative at the University of Texas that aims to address the challenges women face in political science and in academia more broadly.* Women represent only about 30% of full-time faculty in political science, and research has pointed to the phenomenon of the discipline's "leaking pipeline," in which women drop out of doctoral programs or exit the profession after earning their graduate degrees at disproportionately high rates. To help ameliorate these trends, WIPS organizes academic and social events to facilitate an environment of inclusion for women in the Department. We also seek to support the professionalization of women in the Department. Learn more.

Graduate Student Organization

Co-Presidents: Emily DavisAriel Pitre Young, and Cody Kuhn

The mission statement of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is to facilitate graduate students' professional development and organize social events. Though our tasks vary depending on the year and the needs of our colleagues, GSO co-presidents commonly host coffee hours, help plan departmental functions, and facilitate workshops in which Government students can receive feedback on their research, learn about different aspects of the academic job market, or simply motivate one another in their writing. The GSO also serves as a sounding board for any issues or concerns that might arise among the students throughout the year. Three new GSO co-presidents are elected every summer.

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