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The Department of Government

Women in Political Science

Women in Political Science (WIPS) is a graduate student initiative at the University of Texas that aims to address the challenges women face in political science and in academia more broadly.* Women represent only about 30% of full-time faculty in political science, and research has pointed to the phenomenon of the discipline's "leaking pipeline," in which women drop out of doctoral programs or exit the profession after earning their graduate degrees at disproportionately high rates. To help ameliorate these trends, WIPS organizes academic and social events to facilitate an environment of inclusion for women in the Department. We also seek to support the professionalization of women in the Department.

Our events include social activities and workshops. In addition, we raise funds for and plan an annual speaker series that brings a prominent woman scholar in the discipline to the Department. In the past, we have hosted Drs. Christina Wolbrecht, Maya Sen, and Beth Simmons. Through this annual speaker series, our goal is not only to showcase the work of women in the discipline, but also to provide women graduate students in the Department with the opportunity to build relationships with women scholars outside of UT and discuss issues related to women in academia. As a note, while our speaker series is always open to the public, some of our social activities and workshops are limited to women in order to support WIPS’ mission of supporting the development of women political scientists. We also actively cooperate with organizations that advocate for other underrepresented minorities in the discipline.

*We use binary terminology to describe gender identity in the name of our organization and mission statement in order to identify more clearly with the broader Women in Political Science movement in the profession. Our mission, however, is to provide support for all individuals in the UT Government Department whose gender identity is not cisgender male. Such individuals are always welcome at all our events and should feel included in all our communications.

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