The Department of Government
The Department of Government

Torben Behmer

MA, International Economics, Georg-August University of Goettingen

Torben Behmer



International cooperation, institutional stability, state-firm interactions in the global economy, and political methodology.


What brings about international cooperation, and how can it be sustained in difficult times? International interactions around the globe are shaped by institutional efforts to facilitate preferable outcomes, but the background conditions that brought about initial cooperation can change. Some of my most recent research focuses on these scenarios, where actors may hold incentives to disrupt or undermine the workings of beneficial regimes, long-term considerations aren't sufficiently salient, or the cost of eroding an institution are uncertain.


IRG 378 • Capstone Research In Irg

29879 • Spring 2020
Meets TH 3:30PM-6:30PM BEN 1.122

This course is restricted to IRG majors. For IRG program information please contact Dr. Michael Anderson, Director.

The concluding, capstone seminar for the International Relations & Global Studies major is designed to give you an opportunity to draw on your program of studies to prepare a rigorous analysis of a specific aspect of contemporary world affairs.  You have the choice of two formats.  One is a tightly organized research paper; the other is structured as a policy paper directed at a senior decision-maker in a national government or international organization. 

It is profitable to all to set a number of themes for the seminar.  That enhances exchanges and allows for collaborative projects. Still, students will be given reasonable latitude in selecting topics that interest them and/or on which they have acquired specialized knowledge.  We will examine closely the nature of the policy paper and its organization as the semester progresses.  The seminar paper – in either format -  should be viewed as representative of your abilities at this stage in your career and, as such, an effective way of presenting yourself and your abilities.

 The following is a short list of possible themes: democracy promotion as an instrument of foreign policy; the strains among three standards to assess global economic interdependence: growth, equity and stability; the ethical dimensions of the use of force; the interplay of domestic politics and foreign policy process/substance.

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