The Department of Government
The Department of Government


Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier, Ph.D., 1993:

"The professors in the UT Government Department continually challenged and pushed their students. I am particularly grateful for my graduate education at Texas because of the diverse ways of thinking, asking questions, solving problems, and exploring methodological approaches. It was the best career foundation imaginable for me, professionally and personally."

Marc Hetherington, Ph.D., 1997:

"It is impossible to imagine that my career would have turned out the way it has if not for my experience in the UT Government Department. I learned to study American politics from a range of perspectives rather than using just one approach. And I developed the skills to answer interesting questions in a rigorous manner. My mentors at UT have remained my mentors for the many years since I finished. Even better, students get the opportunity to live in maybe the most attractive city in the country for a few years. The worst part is that you have to leave after you finish."

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