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The Department of Government

William Jennings Bryan Prize Winners Announced

Fri, May 21, 2010

Winners of the William Jennings Bryan Prize in Government were announced at today’s Department of Government commencement. Established in 1898 with $250, the Jennings Prize is the University’s very first endowment. The Department of Government uses the prize money to recognize the top theses in each year’s Honors class. The 2010 winners are:

PETER CAREYConnecting the Dots: A Social Network Analysis of Law Enforcement’s Role in the Decline of Jemaah Islamiyah. Advisor: Patricia Maclachlan.

JOHN LEWISUnited Nation: Bipartisanship as Signaling in the Fight for International Institutions. Advisor: Peter Trubowitz.

SHANE O’NEALHumanitarian Intervention that Promotes Self Determination: An Argument for Community-based Understandings of Human Rights. Advisor: Benjamin Gregg.

ALEXA SENDUKASA Global Analysis of Women in Political Office: The Disjuncture between Elections and Appointments. Advisor: Robert Moser.

Congratulation to this year’s entire class of Undergraduate Honors Students! The students, their theses, and faculty advisors are:

KATIE BERGERThe Justice of Early Education. Advisor: Juliet Hooker.

KASI CHADWICKPolitical Violence in Chiapas: An Exploration of Potential Causes for Rebellion. Advisor: Kenneth Greene.

RYAN COOPERThe Detainee Problem: An Examination of the Outer Limits of the American Constitution. Advisor: Jeffrey Tulis.

CASSY DORFFDeadly Politics: The Puzzle of Political Assassins. Advisor: Ami Pedahzur.

MICAELA GLASSThe World of Sex Slavery: Designing Public Policy to Prevent Human Trafficking. Advisor: Gary Freeman.
JORDYN JOHNSONChanges in Attitudes Towards Homosexuality in the American Media: 1950-2010. Advisor: David Prindle.
GARY LAMBSplitting the Difference: Split Ticket Voting in Modern America. Advisor: Sean Theriault.

AUDREY LYNNCivics Assessment Variation at the State Level. Advisor: Andrew Karch.

JOHN MEYERElections and Ethnic Conflict: Party Fragmentation and Intracommunity Competition in Iraq, 2005-2009. Advisor: Robert Moser.

AUDREY NEVILLEThat’s Old News!: Ageism in Politcal Media. Advisor: Daron Shaw.

DANIEL OLDSThe People’s Court: An Examination of Public Opinion’s Effects on U.S. Supreme Court Decision-Making Through the Lens of Race, Abortion, and Gay Rights. Advisor: Stefanie Lindquist.

KONRAD POSCHThe Politics of Human Spaceflight: Success and Failure in China and the United States. Advisor: Itty Abraham.

LAUREN RATLIFFUp for Grabs? Democratic Party Support in Texas, 2004-2008. Advisor: Daron Shaw.

DULCE SALAZAR VALLEThe Mystery of the Melting Pot: Unauthorized Immigration from Mexico to the United States from 1950 to 2000. Advisor: Jeffrey Millstone.

GARRICK SMITHThe Political Question Doctrine: Instability, Uncertainty, and the Unlikey Revival at the U.S. Supreme Court. Advisor: H.W. Perry.

JENNIFER SPENCERThe Fence between Elephants and Donkeys: Polarization in the United States Congress over Immigration. Advisor: Sean Theriault.

JUAN TOVARFreedom of Religion: Issues Concerning the Religious Liberty Clauses in the American Constitution. Advisor: Jeffrey Abramson.

Ken Greene and Juliet Hooker direct the Honors Program.

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