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The Department of Government

2012 William Jennings Bryan Prize Winner Announced

Fri, May 25, 2012

The winner of the 2012 William Jennings Bryan Prize in Government has been announced. Established in 1898 with $250, the Jennings Prize is the university’s very first endowment. The Department of Government uses the prize money to recognize the top thesis or theses in each year’s Honors class. The 2012 winner is:

Kelsey SpectorCampaign Finance, Citizens United, and the Case for Procedural Equality

Supervisors: Jeffrey Abramson and H.W. Perry

The 2012 Honors class is featured in the May 2012 issue of Goodbye and Good Luck!

Congratulations to this year’s entire class of government Honors students! The students, their theses and faculty advisors are:

Wilson Albright — Benefitting From Fear: The United States Political and Media Portrayal of Spillover Crime on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Supervisor: David Prindle

Jackson Archer — The Mind and Sociability of the Democratic Man

Supervisor: Devin Stauffer

Derek Brinks — Indigenous Tourism and Economic Development: Building Community to Promote Development in the Valley of Liquiñe, Chile

Supervisor: Raúl Madrid

Victoria Cruz — Writing U.S. Immigration Policy and the Importance of IIRIRA: A Textual Analysis of Immigration Policy in the U.S. Senate and the Consequences of Policy Evolution

Supervisor: Bryan Jones

Sean Danielson — The Rise and Fall of Islamic Parties: The Turkish and Algeria Cases

Supervisor: Raúl Madrid

Joshua Fjelstul — The Eastern Enlargement of the European Union: Pre-Accession Conditionality and Post-Accession Legal Compliance

Supervisor: Patrick McDonald

Elizabeth Fletcher — Presidents as Political Entrepreneurs: A Theory of Presidential Decision-Making

Supervisor: Peter Trubowitz

Richard Griffin — The Supreme Court v. The President: An Institutional Account of the Supreme Court’s Dealings with Questions of Executive Power

Supervisor: Daniel Brinks

Jordan Humphreys — When Lies Matter: The Effect of Misinformation in the Health Care Reform Debate on Public Opinion

Supervisor: Daron Shaw

Chinyere Kimberly Ikegbunam — Towards Free and Fairness?:  Regional Variances in Democratic Elections in Nigeria

Supervisor: Catherine Boone

Benjamin Lancaster — Perception vs. Reality: The Truth About Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Post-9/11 America

Supervisor: Ami Pedahzur

Matthew Levinton — Free Thought and Political Society in the American Republic

Supervisor: Lorraine Pangle

Stefina Loeza — Thinking Global, Acting Local, and the Attempt to Go Green: An Exploration of Local Governments' Initiatives to Address Sustainability

Supervisor: Bryan Jones

Brittany Long — The Reliability of the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty

Supervisor: Scott Wolford

Ali Rawaf — Consociational Democracy: Is It Viable for Iraq and Other Arab Countries?

Supervisor: Terri Givens

Caleb Rodriguez — Working Class Need, Corporate Greed: How Wealth Has Become Political Capital in America

Supervisor: David Prindle

Alyson Rotunda — Italian Politics in the Global Era: Mario Monti's Attempt to Save Italy

Supervisor: Terri Givens

Grace Zhang — After 9/11: American Soft Power and the Arab Spring

Supervisor: Edwin Dorn




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