The Department of Government
The Department of Government

2009 Undergraduate Honors Thesis Work

Wed, May 20, 2009

Congratulations to this year’s class of Undergraduate Honors Students! The students, their theses, and supervisors are:

Veronica Benavides - Violating the Victim: A Case Against Current Sex Trafficking Laws. Supervisor: Benjamin Gregg

Heather Coghlan - How Moderators and Moments Define the Man: Discussing a Formula for Presidential Legacy. Supervisor: Bruce Buchanan

Alvaro Corral - Banderas y Votos: Pan-Ethnic Identity and Latino Voting Behavior. Supervisor: David Leal

Brad Gray - International Media Pressure on Policy: A Comparative Study of the Seoul and Beijing Olympic Games. Supervisor: Raul Madrid

Robbie Earle - African Voices and Policy Effort: Why Public Opinion Matters in the Fight Against AIDS. Supervisors: Catherine Boone and Kenneth Greene

Lewis Fallis - Anger, Laughter, and Justice in Nietzsche. Supervisor: Russell Muirhead

Ryan Henrich - The Effects of Government Structure on Minority Language Preservation. Supervisor: Terri Givens

Punam Kaji - Why Foreign Interventions Succeed or Fail. Supervisor: Catherine Boone

Michael LaCour - Generational Divide: Why Young People Today are More Liberal than Before. Supervisor: Sharon Jarvis

Jeff Loeb - Contention in Rural China: The Role of Wealth Disparity and Disruption in Determining Protest Success. Supervisor: William Hurst

Cass Luskin - The Politics of Ancient Justice: Ideology and the Rule of Law. Supervisor: Russell Muirhead

Anu Madabhushi - Women Candidates and the Lok Sabha: An Analysis of Factors Leading to Their Success or Failure in Elections. Supervisor: Robert Moser

Vickie Mery - Variation in Support for Pakistani Radical Parties. Supervisor: Ami Pedahzur

Sarah Meyer - Does Content Matter? The Effect of Civics Curricula on Political Participation. Supervisor: Andrew Karch

Anjali Mohan - The School of Democracy: What Clashing Perspectives on the Jury Teach Us About Constitutional Democracy in the U.S. and Abroad. Supervisor: Jeffrey Abramson

Cheryl Nolan - Policy Diffusion and Interest Group Mobilization: A Study of Same-Sex Marriage Restrictions in California and Michigan. Supervisor: Bryan Jones

K. Emma Pickering - Free Willoughby: Jane Austen and Aristotle on Moral Responsibility. Supervisor: Devin Stauffer

Hannah Pozdro - What a Load of Crap: Recycling in U.S. Cities. Supervisor: Andrew Karch

Sarmed Rashid - Political Determinants of Successful Climate Change Policy. Supervisor: Patrick McDonald

Tristan Sierra - Fear, Fighting, and Franklins: Perceived Threat, Privatization, and Military Participation in the U.S. Supervisor: Ami Pedahzur

Lauren Smith - Evolving Evangelicalism: Reconciling Evangelicalism and Liberal Feminism. Supervisors: Juliet Hooker and Gretchen Ritter

Patrick Tighe - When Insanity Reigns: Explaining Genocide in Rwanda and Sudan Through the Radicalization of Political Leadership. Supervisor: Catherine Boone

Arun Venkataraman - Managing the Scope of Conflict in Foreign Policy: Congress, the Executive, and the Public. Supervisor: Peter Trubowitz

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