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Prof. Henry Dietz Recognized in Peru for Longtime Service and Dedication.

Tue, September 2, 2008

On June 12, 2008 Dr. Rolando Ames, coordinator of the political science major, and Dr. Aldo Panfichi, coordinator of the graduate program both of the Catholic University in Lima, Peru asked Henry Dietz to attend the closing session of a long day symposium on political science in Peru. While congratulating Dietz on his "perseverance and the quality of his work in studying topics ranging from urban social movements, military rule, to violence and political parties and democracy," Dr. Ames also credited him for his "faithfulness to a country during periods of intense change, which because of its complexity and risks has understandably made others hesitant to continue coming here. Ames also added that, "The students and faculty in political science and in the social sciences are very much in your (Dietz's) debt."

Dr. Dietz was also heavily praised by Dr. Martin Tanaka, former director of the Institute of Peruvian Studies and professor of political science at the Catholic University in Lima, who added these remarks: "“Dietz has written on many themes, but the backbone of his work resides in his book Pobreza urbana, participacion politica y politica estatal: Lima 1970-1990 (Catholic University Press 2001; also published in English in 1998, University of Pittsburg Press).

“In this book Dietz did something quite remarkable that reflects his tenacity and faithfulness to research in Lima and in Peru. In 1970 he did survey work in six poor districts in Lima, probing into the political participation of the inhabitants. What’s more notable is that he replicated this survey in the same locations in 1982, 1985, and 1990. This may be thought of as something easy to do, but it is not. His work allows us to understand how the political orientations of these neighborhoods changed over time. Nothing exists that is remotely similar to what Dietz has done; it’s a book that is obligatory reading for anyone interested in Lima.

“It’s also important to mention that Dietz has always been characterized by his great generosity and warmth as an investigator and as a person, as anyone who has been his student at the University of Texas or has known him here in Lima can testify. This is a well-deserved recognition to his perseverance, his passion and his faithfulness to our country.”

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