The Department of Government
The Department of Government

UT-Princeton Workshop, Oct. 7-8, 2005

Tue, October 4, 2005

All panels will be held in Main Building offsite link, Second Floor, Academic Room 212 (Old Board of Regents’ Conference Room)


Friday 7 October


Welcome: Richard Lariviere, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, UT Austin


What was liberal-internationalism?

Chair: Anne- Marie Slaughter, Dean, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton

Presenters: John Ikenberry, Woodrow Wilson and Politics Department, Princeton; Jeffrey Legro, Government, University of Virginia; Kevin Mattson, History, Ohio University; Emily Rosenberg, History, Macalester

Discussants: Walter Dean Burnham, Government, UT Austin; James Galbraith, LBJ School, UT Austin; Elspeth Rostow, LBJ School, UT Austin


Why has liberal-internationalism faltered?

Chair: John Higley, Department of Government, UT Austin

Presenters: Charles Kupchan, Georgetown and Council on Foreign Relations; Anatol Lieven, New America Foundation; Ruy Teixeira, Century Foundation and Center for American Progress; Peter Trubowitz, Government, UT Austin

Discussants: Ronald Brownstein, Los Angeles Times; Andrew Moravcsik, Politics Department, Princeton; Robert Wright, New America Foundation and New Republic

Saturday 8 October


Does liberal-internationalism have a future?

Chair: Bob Inman, Interim Dean, LBJ School, UT Austin

Presenters: Bruce Cumings, History, University of Chicago; James Kurth, Political Science, Swarthmore College; Anne-Marie Slaughter, Woodrow Wilson, Princeton

Discussants: Philip Bobbitt, Law School, UT Austin; Catherine Boone, Government, UT Austin; Joshua Cohen, Political Science, MIT and Boston Review

Meeting concludes at 12:00 Noon

Philip Bobbitt, University of Texas at Austin
Catherine Boone, University of Texas at Austin
Ronald Brownstein, Los Angeles Times
Walter Dean Burnham, University of Texas at Austin
Joshua Cohen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston Review
Bruce Cumings, University of Chicago
James Galbraith, University of Texas at Austin
John Higley, University of Texas at Austin
John Ikenberry, Princeton University
Bob Inman, University of Texas at Austin
Devesh Kapur, University of Texas at Austin
Charles Kupchan, Georgetown University and Council on Foreign Relations
James Kurth, Swarthmore College
Jeffrey Legro, University of Virginia
Anatol Lieven, New America Foundation
Kevin Mattson, Ohio University
Andrew Moravcsik, Princeton University
Emily Rosenberg, Macalester College
Elspeth Rostow, University of Texas at Austin
Anne Marie Slaughter, Princeton University
James Steinberg, Brookings Institution and University of Texas at Austin
Ruy Teixeira, Century Foundation and Center for American Progress
Peter Trubowitz, University of Texas at Austin
Robert Wright, New Republic and New America Foundation

For additional information, please contact Kay Reed, Department of Government, UT Austin: (512) 232-7258

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