The Department of Government
The Department of Government

2008 Undergraduate Honors Thesis Work

Tue, February 26, 2008

This year's Undergraduate Honors Thesis titles include the following:

James Caesley - Violence or Votes? The Political Strategies of Terrorist Organizations. Adviser: Ami Pedahzur

Sarah Flynn - You Say You Want a Revolution: Coup d'Etats in the Turkish Republic. Adviser: Zoltan Barany

Stephen Gilstrap - A Recipe for Economic Success inside the European Union. Adviser: Sean Thieriault

Michelle Gomez - Social Contract Theory and the Rise of the State: A Critical Evaluation of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. Adviser: Tom Pangle

Glenn Gray - Western Relations and Regime Outcomes in Post-Communist Countries. Adviser: Pat McDonald

Bill Irwin - Latino Voting Behavior: Reactions to Perceived Racial Tensions. Adviser: David Leal

Christopher Modi - To Gentrify or Not To Gentrify: City Council Decisions in Austin and Columbus. Adviser: Mel Hinich

Stephen Rushin - Latino Candidacy in Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. Adviser: David Leal

Sara Simpson - A Critical Discourse on Individualism: America as a Case Study of Private versus Public Orientation. Adviser: Ben Gregg

Catherine Stanford - TBD. Adviser: Gary Jacobsohn

Meggie Sudderth - First Lady Activism. Adviser: Bruce Buchanan

Austin Wright - Radical Networks of Violent Dissent: Game-Theoretic Models of Terrorist Network Dynamics. Adviser: Harrison Wagner

David Yount - Political Shifts: Reinventing the Higher Education Financial Aid System. Adviser: Andy Karch

Honors Thesis Director: Prof. Kenneth Greene

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