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The Department of Government

Congratulations to the 2013 Honors Class

Wed, May 15, 2013

The winner of the 2013 William Jennings Bryan Prize in Government has been announced. Established in 1898 with $250, the Jennings Prize is the university’s very first endowment. The Department of Government uses the prize money to recognize the top thesis or theses in each year’s Honors class. The 2013 winner is:

Emily Van Duyn — Media Framing and Democracy: A Model of Descriptive Media and the Power of Affected Voice

  Supervisor: Gretchen Ritter

This year's honors class also features a thesis selected by the Plan II program as a Plan II model thesis, chosen to serve as an example for future generations of thesis writers. This thesis was described as an "outstanding example of true scholarship that is both intellectually compelling and beautifully conceived." The thesis is:

James Nicholas Lovitt — Displacement by Dispossession: Foreign Investments in African Land Acquisitions and Why They Fail

  Supervisor: Catherine Boone

Congratulations to this year’s entire class of government Honors students! The students, their theses and faculty supervisors are:

Robert Belanger — An Empirical Investigation of the Washington Consensus in the Context of Institutions

  Supervisor: Patrick McDonald

Brenda Carillo — Violence and Immigration Flows: From Mexico to the United States

  Supervisor: Terri Givens

Caroline Carmer — First Come, First Served: How Land Ownership Developed in Early America

  Supervisor: Bat Sparrow

Sonya Chung — To Proclaim Liberty to the Captives: The Promise of Christianity for Human Rights in North Korea

  Supervisor: Benjamin Gregg

Jaime Garcia — Machiavelli's Lone Wolf: Romulus and the Founding of Rome in The Discourses

  Supervisor: Jeffrey Abramson

Daniel Goan — Bio-Politics: The Stem Cell Debate in Comparative Perspective

  Supervisor: Gary Freeman

Alex Hatoum — Politically Anxious: Integrating Affective Science, Personality, and Political Judgment

  Supervisor: Bethany Albertson

Daniel Hatoum — Law & Borders: Internationals Courts and Their Effect on Domestic Institutions

  Supervisor: Terry Chapman

Holly Heinrich — Before the Well Runs Dry: Water Policy and the Future of the Lone Star State

  Supervisor: Daron Shaw

Gregory Henson — A Critique Of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Impact on the American Political System

  Supervisor: Alan Sager

Charlotte Hockens — American Race Politics: Painting a Picture in Black and White

  Supervisor: Jeffrey Tulis

Trenton Lacy — The Global Spring: Political Action in the Age of Networking

  Supervisor: Robert Moser

Charles Nwaogu — The Politics of War: Measuring the Domestic and International Pressures of Vietnam

  Supervisor: Peter Trubowitz

Joey Sorenson — Looking for Locke in All the Wrong Places: The Case for a Liberal Continuity from John Locke to Barack Obama

  Supervisor: Devin Stauffer

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