The Department of Government
The Department of Government

Giorleny Altamirano Rayo: Best Dissertation Award

Mon, February 4, 2019
Giorleny Altamirano Rayo: Best Dissertation Award
Giorleny Altamirano Rayo

Giorleny Altamirano Rayo's dissertation, "Securing Territory: State Interests and the Implementation of Ethnic Land Rights in the Americas," has won the Western Political Science Association's Dissertation Award as the best doctoral dissertation completed at a university within the western states of the United States and the western provinces of Canada between July 1 and June 30 of the previous academic year. The dissertation shows that internal threats to the state’s territorial control and targeted international pressure stimulate political action. State elites identify, delimit the boundaries of, and classify vast expanses of resource-rich land as ethnic land as a strategy to prevent ethnic insurrection or reinforce institutional power in peripheral regions.

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