The Department of Government
The Department of Government

Congratulations to the 2014 Honors Class

Fri, May 16, 2014

The winner of the 2014 William Jennings Bryan Prize in Government has been announced. Established in 1898 with $250, the Jennings Prize is the university’s very first endowment. The Department of Government uses the prize money to recognize the top thesis or theses in each year’s Honors class. The 2014 winner is:

Julia Wang — Visible Effects of Affirmative Action: An Analysis of Print Media in Brazil

Supervisor: Daniel Brinks

Congratulations to this year’s entire class of government Honors students! The students, their theses and faculty supervisors are:

Emily AdamsIdeology versus Self-Interest: The Countervailing Forces of Texas Public Opinion

Supervisor: Eric McDaniel


Catherine ChlebowskiThe Politically Motivating Effects of Social Networking Sites on Millennials

Supervisor: Bethany Albertson


Christiaan ClearyTrust in National Legal Systems throughout Europe

Supervisor: Robert Luskin


Caitlin ClineImproving Foreign Language Education: A Comparison of Texas and Bavaria

Supervisor: Benjamin Gregg


Daniel HungThe Perfect Model: Election to the Texas Legislature

Supervisors: Daron Shaw and David Prindle


Mary Rose LegroneA Funny Sort of Justice: Maritime Territorial Disputes and Law of the Sea

Supervisor: Patricia Maclachlan


Julia SchwartzComparing the Political Ideologies of the United States and the United Kingdom Using Their Diversity and Economic Policies

Supervisor: Alan Sager


Kalyan VenkatrajSecurity Transgressions: Understanding Our Civil Liberties in a Post-9/11 World

Supervisor: Paula Newberg


John Matthew WinstonA Critique of the Awkward Partner Thesis

Supervisor: Scott Wolford


Philip WisemanChallenging the Establishment: The Impact of Super PACs on U.S. Senate Elections in the 2012 Election Cycle

Supervisor: Brian Roberts


Stephanie YarboroughComparing Aristotle to Montesquieu: Virtue versus Commercialism

Supervisor: Erik Dempsey

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