Introduction to the Middle East

Tue, September 28, 2010 | Region I ESC, 1900 W Schunior, Edinburg, TX

8:30 AM

The Middle East is in the news headlines every day—and none of the news ever seems good. The region forms a vital part of our foreign policy, but what makes it so important? Who are the people who live there? Can we learn anything from the region’s dynamic past that will help us understand what’s happening now and what the future holds?

ome join representatives from the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin as we present a day long session where you will explore the Middle East. You’ll learn more about this critical geographic region that was the origin of three major world religions and once led the way in intellectual and scientific developments. We’ll discuss the lands and peoples of this diverse region. And we’ll explore what’s going on beyond the headlines to give you a deeper understanding so that you can answer students’ questions—as well as your own.

Attendees will leave with creative ideas for encouraging classroom discussion about an area of the world that’s often controversial and tricky to navigate, handouts on history, geography, and culture, and lists of online, print, and multimedia resources for further research and classroom use.

Sponsored by: Hemispheres, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and Region I ESC

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