An Interdisciplinary Look at Mexican Culture, Film, and Theatre

Sat, January 27, 2007 | McCullough Theatre, UT Performing Arts Center

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

The workshop will begin with a lecture and discussion by University of Texas
professors who are experts in Mexican arts and culture, film, and theatre. A
selection of teachers who participated in a UT-led Fulbright program on Mexico's
performing arts will then present curriculum pieces they have designed and utilized
in their classrooms. After the presentations, a curriculum expert will discuss the
various aspects of a successful arts-integration, how well the presented lesson
plans fit those criteria, and how to fit arts-integration curriculum into current state

The workshop will conclude with a QandA session with Claudio Valdes Kuri, artistic
director of Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes.

All workshop participants will receive a ticket to the performance of El Automovil
Gris that evening.

CPD credits will be offered for the workshop. Registration is free, but space is

For more information, please contact Ann D. David at 512-471-2131.

Sponsored by: UT Performing Arts Center

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