Getting to Know Latin America and the Middle East

Representatives from the Hemispheres at the University of Texas at Austin will
present two day long sessions where you will explore the four geographic regions
that we represent: Russia, East Europe and Eurasia, and South Asia (January 31) and
Latin America and the Middle East (February 1).

Come with your toughest questions and be prepared to learn new perspectives and
creative ideas for encouraging classroom discussion each of these intriguing

Thu, February 1, 2007 | Region III ESC, Victoria

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

For registration information, please contact href="mailto:gparenica@esc3.net">Gayle Parenica at (361) 573-9911, or log on
to the ESC III workshop database (link below) and search for workshop #23981.

Sponsored by: Region III ESC

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