Conference Handouts

Have you seen one of our presentations at a conference, but didn't get the handouts or presentations?  You can find them here!

Handouts are listed by the title of the session.

Acapulco Manila Galleon & Pacific Trade Workshop

Africa Enslaved (download the curriculum unit here)


Aswan High Dam (part of "People and Place")

Bio-Diversity in Ecuador and the Galápagos (part of "People and Place")

Central Asia Along the Silk Route

Dams in Latin America: Effects on Humans and the Environment
PowerPoint Presentation (26.2 MB)

Demystifying Trade: Sorting Fact from Fiction in the Politics of Trade

Festivals and Celebrations

As presented at Alief ISD PD (1/30/16) -  PowerPoint  (14.7 MB)

As presented at Region VII ESC (12/3/14) - PowerPoint (with notes)


The Geography of Central Asia
Download everything at once: Central Asia Presentations

The Geography of Religion

Google Earth

There are several resources here: https://etoolbox.wikispaces.com/Google+Earth+Tour+Tips

Introduction to the Middle East (also: Introduction to Southwest Asia and North Africa)

Letters from a Traveler


Mapping the Islamic City

Mapping Our Worlds - as presented at Region VII Kilgore (12/3/14)

Restoring Women to World Studies

Spices Make the World Go Round

Teaching with Primary Sources

That Pesky Standard: Teaching Islamic Extremism without Stereotypes

Tracking Cultures: How Cultures Spread through Conquest, Migration, Trade, and Travel