Summer Teacher's Institute 2017: "What's STEM got to do with it? Teaching Social Studies in a Science and Tech-Obsessed World"

Wed, February 1, 2017
Summer Teacher's Institute 2017:

University of Texas at Austin Campus

June 6th-9th, 2017


For the past decade, K-12 education has ridden the STEM wave, swept up in the dire realization that US students have fallen to the back of the global pack in science and math.  It is no surprise that educators would move to shore up these disciplines, so that today’s students can become tomorrow’s leaders of invention and innovation. But in this surge toward STEM, the vital role of Social Studies should not be washed away.  

While students may gain the technological skills necessary to build and construct new devices through math, science, engineering and technology instruction, they could still be left poorly prepared to contemplate the tough questions associated with the social, cultural and global impact of developing and harnessing new technologies.Furthermore, both STEM and Social Studies share many critical, cross-curricular connections in content.  And both require students to problem solve, apply the scientific method to reach conclusions, and use knowledge to solve real world problems.

This year’s summer institute aims to build bridges between these highly compatible fields of study, to keep Social Studies relevant when everyone else is focused on STEM.  Speakers and training activities will reinforce vital disciplinary connections in ways that strengthen both fields, keeping them mutually afloat in the currents of education.

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Proof of enrollment is required.  Please e-mail hemispheres@austin.utexas.edu before registering to verify eligibility.  



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