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Fall 2006 issue of News from Hemsipheres is now available

The latest issue of News from Hemispheres is available as a PDF file for download

Tue, Oct 10, 2006

21st Century Challenges in the Developing World -- Our annual
summer institute for teachers reached capacity (40 attendees) in record time (3
weeks) this year. 21st Century Challenges in the Developing World offered a week of
thematic content on government, women’s issues, the environment, and other
topics of concern in the four regions represented by Hemispheres.

Evaluations highlighted the strong organization, highly focused theme, and
excellent presenters that attendees have come to expect from the institute. In
addition to Hemispheres, UT’s Center for European Studies and Center for
International Business Education and Research (CIBER) contributed speakers to the
workshop—we’re excited to partner with centers that can offer expertise on
different regions and topics.

In this issue of News from Hemispheres, we recap four of the sessions from the
institute. If you are interested in additional i