Hemispheres Summer Teachers' Institute 2012: The City, June 12-15

Thu, February 23, 2012
Hemispheres Summer Teachers' Institute 2012: The City, June 12-15

Cities reflect their surroundings: they are centers of population, government, economics, religion, and, ultimately, culture. Similar in basic composition but divergent in their personalities, cities mirror the characteristics and chronicles of the people who inhabit them. The highs and the lows of history are captured in our cities. They wax and wane. They are the nexus of change and development. They allow us to explore the many intersecting aspects of societies, from urban planning and architecture to art, migration, and revolution.
Join Hemispheres for a four-day workshop on the UT campus geared toward world cultures, world geography, and world history educators in which we’ll explore the meaning and place of the city—and all that it encompasses—in human history. We will provide content lectures, teaching materials, and classroom strategy sessions to prepare you to present the city as a lens through which your students can better understand the world.

Registration is now open:

  • $75-basic registration
  • $100-registration plus housing (shared room)
  • $275-registration plus housing (single room, subject to availability)

Registration is on a first-paid, first-registered basis.

Download the registration form here, or contact Natalie Arsenault for more information.

Presented by:
Center for European Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies
South Asia Institute

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