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Webinar 2: The Qur'an, Art & Architecture

Recording of the webinar

Webinar recordings are fully interactive--all of the links work, the windows scroll up and down; the only thing you're missing is interacting with the speaker in real-time. You can also skip ahead in the PowerPoint and the narration will move right along with you.

Videos shown at the beginning of the webinar

These videos are on Vimeo:

These two videos are available though Unity Productions Foundation. K-16 educators who plan to screen a video in class can request a free copy (more information here).

The Webinar Powerpoint

15 Minute History podcast about the Birmingham Qur'an

There are links to additional reading below the transcript on the podcast site.

Materials from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

There's so much stuff here it's hard to know where to begin! Don't miss the "For Educators" page.

Curriculum Resources

Highlights of the Islamic Art collection

MetKids selected items

MetKids home page

The "Time Machine" function lets you search by geographic area or time period.

Mosque Lamp

Tughra of Suleyman the Magnificent

Prayer Niche

Turkish Carpet

The Damascus Room

Lion shaped incense burner

Bowl with Kufic inscription

Smithsonian Institution

Materials are neatly linked here. Do not miss Arts of the Islamic World: A Teacher's Guide.

Materials from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Middle East Interactives

Teacher's Resource: Voyage through the Islamic Middle East
Most materials are linked on this page (it's long, and there's a lot here!), including

Teacher's Resource: Maths and Islamic Art & Design
(lots of downloadable templates here)

Teacher's Resouce: Exploring Plant Based Motifs in Islamic Art & Design

Teacher's Resource: Exploring Calligraphy through the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art