Online Language Training

Note: these projects are maintained by organizations other than Hemispheres. For specific information about these resources, please contact their directors or staff as listed on each individual site.


Portuguese language lessons that highlight aspects of Brazilian culture. These lessons are designed for intermediate to advanced students, but are accessible to everyone. Each includes videos of Brazilians from all walks of life speaking naturally about their lives and their country, and numerous activities and exercises available in PDF files.

Introducing German!

To generate and further interest in German language and German culture in the schools, the Department of Germanic Studies of the University of Texas (UT) offers a short German unit to elementary and middle schools of the >Austin Independent School District (AISD).

Online Hebrew for High School Learners

Have you spent years learning Hebrew, but don’t feel like you can say anything?  Take your language study to the next level with the University of Texas at Austin’s Online Hebrew Language courses. You’ll learn how to put your years of Hebrew study to use by learning how to communicate with Hebrew speakers—and you’ll earn university credit at the same time, allowing you to fulfill your university foreign language requirement before graduating from high school!  The Department of Middle Eastern Studies (DMES) at the University of Texas at Austin has a proven track record in offering online language study. Now we’re bringing it to your high school with online Hebrew courses for the 2015-16 school year.  .

Persian of Iran Today

Persian of Iran Today is an open source textbook accessible online free of charge, and available in print via Amazon.com. It is unique because it provides thousands of audio-visual files and detailed inductive modules in order to facilitate the student’s first encounter with new material. Because students take responsibility for learning new vocabulary and concepts on their own, the textbook provides designated in-class activities that allow students to use, activate, and master the material they learn at home.

Tá Falado: Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish

Our podcasts are designed to help those who are learning Portuguese, especially if you have a previous background in Spanish.  First, you find 24 >pronunciation podcasts that are built around dialogs illustrating specific sound differences. You can also download pdf transcripts and participate in a discussion blog for clarification of questions. Next, there are 20 grammar podcasts that focus on grammatical differences between Spanish and Portuguese.  All of the lessons are also built around some cultural aspect that makes Brazil so awesome.