Institute of Historical Studies
Institute of Historical Studies

Applying for Institute Fellowships

Detail from architectural drawing of Garrison Hall

Detail from architectural drawing of Garrison Hall

If selected as a fellow, will UT Austin pay my salary through my institution rather than paying me directly?

Unfortunately we are unable to pay fellows' salaries through their home institutions. We are required by university policy to pay fellows directly.

Can applications be submitted for future years (i.e., the year after the one being considered)?

Unfortunately, only applications for the year ahead will be considered. (See Resident Fellowships page for applicable year deadlines.)

Are University of Texas Ph.D. graduate students eligible to apply for junior fellowships?

We do not currently provide post-doc support for university students, but we are hoping to establish this support in the future.

Is "Ph.D. in hand" required at the time of application, or does it just need to be in hand before the fellowship begins?

Applicants for the junior fellowships must have Ph.D.s in hand by December 31 preceding the year of the fellowship. (See Fellowships page for applicable year deadlines.)

Do you consider applications from Ph.D.s without publications?


Do you consider international applications? Are expenses covered for international guests?

Yes to both.

Are scholars who are not historians eligible to apply?

Yes, we welcome proposals from scholars of all disciplines as long as the project has a genuine, significant historical orientation.

What are application guidelines?

Please refer to the Resident Fellowships page of our web site.

Can application materials be sent electronically (project proposal, CV, and letters of rec?)

Yes, we prefer to receive materials by e-mail at