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Institute of Historical Studies


Video recordings of IHS events in 2017-2018. Special thanks to Eyal Weinberg for operating the camera, and to Not Even Past for posting on its You Tube channel.

“DACA: Past, Present, and Future” Panel Discussion | October 2, 2017

daca panel photoWhat will be the fate of DACA - and of the Dreamers for whom it was issued? This panel will examine these topics: the history of DACA in the context of the debate on immigration reform; the constitutional and moral issues raised by the recent order for its termination; and the actions that can be pursued to achieve a just outcome. Event info.

Watch the video.

"Beyond 'Crisis' and Headlines: The History of Humanity as a History of Migration"
Talk by José C. Moya, Barnard College | September 18, 2017

MoyaThis presentation treats migration not as a current concern or "crisis" but as an intrinsic element of the human condition, indeed the very origin of our species, of its "racial" and cultural diversity, its global dispersion, and an engine of opportunity, innovation, and socioeconomic growth but also a source of disparities, inequalities, and conflict at global and local scales. Dr. Moya is Professor of History and Director, Forum on Migration at Barnard College, Director, Institute of Latin American Studies at Columbia University, and Professor Emeritus, UCLA. Event info.  Watch the video.

“The Confederate Statues at UT” Panel Discussion | August 31, 2017

confederate statue panelWhat do statues commemorating Confederate leaders mean? Why has the university decided to remove such statues? And why has the issue been so controversial? This panel discussion aims to address these questions, as well as others from the audience. Event info.

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