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List of Ph.D.s awarded in the 1940s, with current position when available. (List is incomplete.)


Nettie Lee Benson (Librarian, Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX)
Dissertation: The Provincial Deputation in Mexico, Precursor of the Mexican Federal State

Robert Driscoll Boyle
Dissertation: History of Photo Reconnaissance in North Africa including My Experiences with the 3rd Photo Group

Wiley Junius Carnathan
Dissertation: American Negro Slavery during the Revolutionary Era, 1760-1793

Charles Curtis Cumberland
Dissertation: Francisco I. Madero, Revolutionary

Walter Reid Glick
Dissertation: Hiram A. Boaz

Abraham Vossen Goodman
Dissertation: American Overture: Jewish Rights in Colonial Times

James Manfred Manfredini
Dissertation: The Political Role of the Count of Revilagigedo, Viceroy of New Spain, 1789-1794

John Bell McCraw
Dissertation: Justice McReynolds and the Supreme Court: 1914-1941

James Hayes McLendon
Dissertation: John A. Quitman

Andrew Forest Muir (Professor, Rice University, Houston, TX)
Dissertation: The Thirty-Second Parallel Pacific Railroad in Texas (to) 1872

William Clayton Pool, Jr.
Dissertation: An Economic Interpretation of the Ratification of the Federal Constitution in North Carolina

Van Mitchell Smith, Jr.
Dissertation: British Business Relations with the Confederacy, 1861-1865

Wilbert H. Timmons
Dissertation: The Life of Jose Maria Morelos, the Founder of the Mexican Nation


Robert Driscoll Boyle
Dissertation: History of Photo Reconnaissance in North Africa : Including my Experiences with the 3rd Photo Group

Comer Clay
Dissertation: The Lower Colorado River Authority; a Sudy in Politics and Public Administration

John Nathan Cravens
Dissertation: The Life and Activities of James Harper Starr, 1809-1890

Joe Bertram Frantz (Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX)
Dissertation: Infinite Pursuit: the Story of Gail Borden

C. Alan Hutchinson
Dissertation: Valentin Gomez Farias : a Biographical Study

Lucien Elliot Peevy
Dissertation: The First Two Years of Texas Statehood, 1846-1847

William Clayton Pool
Dissertation: An Economic Interpretation of the Ratification of the Federal Constitution in North Carolina

James Edward Thorogood
Dissertation: A Financial History of Tennessee since 1870


Thomas E. Cotner
Dissertation: The Military and Political Career of Jose Joaquin de Herrera, 1792-1854

Hamilton Pratt Easton
Dissertation: The History of the Texas Lumbering Industry

Jean Templin Joughin
Dissertation: The Labor Movement in France, 1876-1884

Vera Rogers Maxwell
Dissertation: The Diario Historico of Carlos Maria Bustamente for 1824

John Ralph Whitaker
Dissertation: The Influence of the West on the Evolution of Personal Journalism in the United States since the Civil War


Herbert Pickens Gambrell (Professor, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX)
Dissertation: A Life of Anson Jones

John Hugh Hill
Dissertation: Raymond of Saint Gilles and the Provencals in the First Crusade

George Portal Huckaby
Dissertation: Oscar Branch Colquitt: a Political Biography


Barnes F. Lathrop (Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX)
Dissertation: The Pugh Plantations, 1860-1865 : a Study of Life in Lower Louisiana

Easton Nelson
Dissertation: The Development of Economic Policy in the Republic of Panama

Ida Stevenson Weldon Vernon
Dissertation: Pedro de Valdivia, Conquistador of Chile

Floy Singleton Wise
Dissertation: The Growth of Political Democracy in the States, 1776-1828


C. Dwight Dorough
Dissertation: Religion in the Old South : a Pattern of Behavior and Thought

Eleanor Damon Pace
Dissertation: Roumania and the Balkan Wars


Charles Dudley Eaves
Dissertation: Post City, a Study in Colonization on the Texas Plains

Huey B. Howerton
Dissertation: Mississippi Unconstitutional Legislation, 1817-1942


Raymond Estep (Professor Emeritus, Air University, Montgomery, AL)
Dissertation: The Life of Lorenzo De Zavala

Truman Harrison Etheridge (Dean of the College at Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas)
Dissertation: Education in the Republic of Texas

John Villasana Haggard
Dissertation: The Neutral Ground between Louisiana and Texas, 1806-1821

William Ransom Hogan (Professor, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA)
Dissertation: A Social and Economic History of the Republic of Texas

Ernest Wallace
Dissertation: Charles DeMorse : Pioneer Editor and Statesman

Arthur George Wiederaenders
Dissertation: The American Frontier as a Factor in Protestant Denominationalism in the United States


Evelyn Blair
Dissertation: Educational Movements in Mexico : 1821 to 1836

Thomas Robert Havins (Professor, Howard Payne University, Brownwood, TX)
Dissertation: Noah T. Byars, a Study in Baptist Missionary Effort on the Frontier

Ward McKinnon Morton
Dissertation: Government Regulation of Labor in Mexico under the Constitution of 1917

Joseph Milton Nance
Dissertation: The Attitude of New England toward Westward Expansion, 1800-50

John William Stormont
Dissertation: The Economic Stake of the North in the Preservation of the Union in 1861


Clarence Allan Bridges
Dissertation: Southward Expansion Projects : 1848-1861

Gustus Albert Dunn
Dissertation: The French Intervention in Syria, 1860-1861

Frank Hall Gafford
Dissertation: The Anglo-Russian Condominium in Persia, 1907-1912

W. Turrentine Jackson
Dissertation: The Early Exploration and Founding of Yellowstone National Park

William Asbury Pitkin (Professor, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, IL)
Dissertation: Republican Insurgency during the Taft Administration

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