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List of Ph.D.s awarded in the 1960s, with current positions when available.


Robert Arnold Calvert
Dissertation: The Southern Grange: The Farmer's Search for Identity in the Gilded Age

Thomas Marley Camfield
Dissertation: Psychologists at War: The History of American Psychology and the First World War

John Gresham Chapman
Dissertation: Steam, Enterprise and Politics: The Building of the Veracruz-Mexico City Railway, 1837-1880

Thomas William Crouch
Dissertation: The Making of a Soldier: The career of Fredrick Funston, 1865-1902

Alfred Edward Eckes, Jr.
Dissertation: Bretton Woods: America's New Deal or an Open World.

Romeo Ricardo Flores
Dissertation: Los Espanoles en la Vida Politica, Economica y Social de Mexico: 1804-1838

Joseph Milton Hawes
Dissertation: Society versus Its Children: Nineteenth-Century America's Response to the Challenge of Juvenile Delinquency

Thomas William Heyck (deceased)
Dissertation: English Radicals and the Irish Question, 1874-1895

Stanley Eon Hilton
Dissertation: Brazil and Great Power Trade Rivalry in South America, 1934-1939

George Emil Hopkins
Dissertation: The Air Line Pilots Association (AFL-CIO): A Study in Elite Unionism

Alton Hornsby, Jr.: Professor Emeritus, Morehouse College, Atlanta, Ga.
Dissertation: Southern Negroes, 1877-1929

Carroll Wade Meade
Dissertation: American Assyriology: Its Growth and Development

Stephen Baery Oates:Professor (retired), University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass.
Dissertation: The Bloody Pilgrimage of John Brown

Hannelore Rosenberg Permenter
Dissertation: The Personality and cultural Interests of the Empress Catherine II as Revealed in Her Correspondence with Fredrich Melchoir Grimm


John Ervin Buser
Dissertation: After Half a Generation: The South of the 1880's

John Lewis Gaddis: Robert A. Lovett Professor, Yale University, New Haven, Conn.
Dissertation: The United States and the Origins of the Cold War: 1943-1946

Charles Houston Harris III
Dissertation: A Mexican Latifundio: The Economic Empire of the Sanchez Navarro Family, 1765-1821

Calvien Warner Hines
Dissertation: United States Diplomacy in the Caribbean during World War II

Myron James Low
Dissertation: The Objectives of German Foreign Policy at the London Conference, 1912-1913

David Glendinning McComb
Dissertation: Houston, the Bayou City

William Littleton McCorkle
Dissertation: Nelson's Star and Kansas City, 1880-1898

James Anthony Merino
Dissertation: A Great City and Its Suburbs: Attempts to Integrate Metropolitan Boston, 1865-1920

Hugh Irmon Rodgers
Dissertation: The Search for Security in the Baltic: Dilemmas of Latvian Diplomacy, 1919-1934


Leland Joseph Bellot
Dissertation: Mr. Secretary Knox: A Biographical Study of an Eighteenth Century Civil Servant

Charles Redmon Berry
Dissertation: The Reform in the Central District of Oaxaca, 1856-1867: A Case Study

Gene Martin Brack
Dissertation: Imperious Neighbor: The Mexican View of the United States, 1821-1846

Walter Keene Ferguson
Dissertation: Geological Surveys in Texas, 1845-1909: An Institutional Study of Texas

John Henry Hann
Dissertation: Brazil and the Rio de la Plata, 1808-1828

Joseph Robert Juarez
Dissertation: Conflict and Cooperation between Church and State: The Archbishopric of Guadalajara during the Porfiriato, 1876-1911

Herbert Richard Kent
Dissertation: Four Decades of Missionary Enterprise: An Institutional History of the Episcopal Church in the Pacific Northwest, 1851-1889

Tommy Joe Knight
Dissertation: The Establishment of German Military Government in Belgium, 1940-941

Robert Willard Mc Ahren
Dissertation: Making the Nation Safe for Childhood: A History of the Movement for Federal Regulation of Child Labor, 1900-1938

James William Pohl
Dissertation: The General Staff and American Military Policy: The Formative Period, 1898-1917.

Victor Hugo Treat
Dissertation: Migration into Louisiana, 1834-1880

William Lawrence Urban
Dissertation: The Baltic Crusade of the Thirteenth-Century

John David Wortham
Dissertation: Uraeus: A History of British Interest in the Antiquities of Egypt in the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries


Chester Alwyn Barr
Dissertation: Texas Politics, 1876-1906

Dwight Franklin Henderson
Dissertation: Courts for the New Nation: A History of the Inferior Federal Courts 1787-1801

John Wylie Hillje
Dissertation: The Progressive Movement and the Graduated Income Tax, 1913,1919

Lee Eldridge Huddleston
Dissertation: A Study of European Concepts of the Origins of the American Indians, 1492-1729

Chester Valls Kielman
Dissertation: The University of Texas Archives: an Analytical Guide to the Historical Manuscripts Collections in the University of Texas Library

Paige Elliott Mulhollan
Dissertation: Philander C. Knox and Dollar Diplomacy, 1909-1913

Dewey Allen Stokes, Jr.
Dissertation: Public Affairs in Arkansas, 1836-1850

Samuel Aaron Suhler
Dissertation: Significant Questions Relating to the History of Austin, Texas, to 1900

Everette Swinney: Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas
Dissertation: Suppressing the Ku Klux Klan: the Enforcement of the Reconstruction Amendments, 1870-1874


Thomas Harrison Baker III
Dissertation: The Memphis Commercial Appeal, 1865-1941

William Bruner Campbell
Dissertation: William Gordon, Priest and Commissary

Arlie Jack Hoover
Dissertation: The Gospel of Patriotism: The Nationalism of the German Protestant Clergy, 1806-1815

Neil Webster Macaulay, Jr.
Dissertation: Sandino and the Marines: Guerrilla Warfare in Nicaragua, 1927-1933

Bill C. Malone: Emeritus Professor, Tulane University
Dissertation: A History of Commercial Country Music in the United States, 1920-1964

Raymond Elliott White
Dissertation: Private Electric Utility Executives: Thoughts on Public Ownership, 1881-1960

Benjamin Frank Zimdars
Dissertation: Study in Seventeenth-Century Peruvian Historiography: The Monastic Chronicles of Antonio de la Calancha, Diego de Cordova Salinas, and the Compendio y Descripcion de Antonio Vasquez de Espinosa.


Herman Lee Crow
Dissertation: A Political History of the Texas Penal System -1829-1951

Jerry Floyd Dawson
Dissertation: The Evolution of Friedrich Schleiermacher as a Nationalist

Louis Tuffly Ellis
Dissertation: The Texas Cotton Compress Industry: A History

Dorris Clayton James
Dissertation: Ante-Bellum Natchez

Joseph Karl Menn
Dissertation: The Large Slaveholders of the Deep South, 1860

Wayne Edward Permenter
Dissertation: The Academy of Science at Toulouse in the Eighteenth Century

Donald Kenneth Pickens
Dissertation: American Eugenists: Conservative Naturalists as Progressives

James Verdo Reese
Dissertation: The Worker in Texas, 1821-1876

Raymond Gale Starr
Dissertation: The Conservative Revolution: South Carolina Public Affairs, 1775-1790

Walter Allan Sutton
Dissertation: The Command of Gold Progressive Republican Senators and Foreign Policy, 1912-1917


Donald Bolon Cooper (Professor Emeritus of Latin American History, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH)
Dissertation: Epidemic Disease in Mexico City: 1761-1813

Vera Lea Dugas
Dissertation: A Social and Economic History of Texas in the Civil War and Reconstruction Periods

Gordon Daniel Healey
Dissertation: The Reaction of the European Powers to the Franco-Soviet Pact

Lynn Harry Nelson
Dissertation: The Normans in South Wales, 1070-1171

Claude Hunter Nolen
Dissertation: Aftermath of Slavery: Southern Attitudes toward Negroes, 1865-1900

Klaras Blevins Rose
Dissertation: Napoleon III and the Austro-Sardinian War of 1859


Charles Comer Alexander, Jr.
Dissertation: Invisible Empire in the Southwest: the Ku Klux Klan in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, 1920-1930

Brother Fabius Dunn
Dissertation: The Administration of Don Antonio Cordero, Governor of Texas, 1805-1808

Marvin Goldwert
Dissertation: The Argentine Revolution of 1930: The Rise of Modern Militarism and Ultra-Nationalism in Argentina.

Alva Ray Stephens
Dissertation: A History of the Taft Ranch and its Role in the Development of the South Texas Plains

Forrest Elmer Ward
Dissertation: The Lower Brazos Region of Texas, 1820-1845

Dorman Hayward Winfrey
Dissertation: Julien Sidney Devereux and His Monte Verdi, Texas, Plantation


Ronald Leroy Davis
Dissertation: A History of Resident Opera in the American West

Charles Wentz Fehrenbach
Dissertation: A Study of Spanish Liberalism: The Revolution of 1820

Thomas Richard Graham (Professor Emeritus, University of Texas, Austin, TX)
Dissertation: The British Impact on Brazil, 1850-1918

Douglas Denton Hale, Jr.
Dissertation: The Early Career of Heinrich von Gagern 1799-1836

Paul Edward Isaac
Dissertation: Prohibition and Politics in Tennessee, 1885-1920

Hugh Dorsey Reagan
Dissertation: The Presidential Campaign of 1928 in Alabama

Lonnie Joe White
Dissertation: Arkansas Territorial Politics, 1819-1836

Dolphus Whitten, Jr.
Dissertation: The State Delegations in the Philadelphia Convention of 1787


George Allen Brubaker
Dissertation: Santa Fe de Bogota: A Study of Municipal Development in Eighteenth Century Spanish America

Samuel Lee Evans
Dissertation: Texas Agriculture, 1880-1930

Patrick Cleburne Lipscomb
Dissertation: William Pitt and the Abolition of the Slave Trade

Robert Lewis Peterson
Dissertation: State Regulation of Railroads in Texas, 1836-1920

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