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History Department

List of Ph.D.s awarded in the 1970s, with current positions when available.


Mary Patricia Abernethy
Dissertation: "The French Administrative Information System: An Evaluation Based on the Reports of the Procureurs Generaux during the Second Empire"
Supervised by: Nancy Nichols Barker

Donald Lloyd Gibbs
Dissertation: "Cuzco, 1680-1710: An Andean City Seen through its Economic Activities"
Supervised by: Jay Lehnertz

Gilberto Miguel Hinojosa: Professor, University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas
Dissertation: "Settlers and Sojourners in the Chaparral: A Demographic Study of Borderlands Town in Transition, Loredo, 1775-1870"
Supervised by: John E. Sunder

Leah Brooke Tucker
Dissertation: "The Houston Business Community, 1945-1965"
Supervised by: Joe B. Frantz

David Charles Unger: Adjunct professor of American Foreign Policy, Bologna Center, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced
international Studies, Bologna, Italy
Dissertation: "The Roots of Red Cydeside: Economic and Social Relations and Working Class Politics in the West of Scotland, 1900-1914"
Supervised by: Standish Meacham


Evan Marcus Anders: Associate Professor, University of Texas, Arlington, Texas
Dissertation: "Bosses under Siege: The Politics of South Texas during the Progressive Era"
Supervised by: Lewis L. Gould

Elton Lee Daniel
Dissertation: "Iran's Awakening: A Study of Local Rebellions in the Eastern Provinces of the Islamic Empire 126-227 A.H. (743-842 A.D.)"
Supervised by: Hafez Farmayan

Rae Jean Dell Flory
Dissertation: "Bahian Society in the Mid-Colonial Periods: The Sugar Planters, Tobacco Growers, Merchants, and Artisans of Salvador and the Reconcavo, 1680-1725"
Supervised by: Richard Graham, James M. Lockhart

Frank Louis Halla, Jr.
Dissertation: "El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico: A Study of a Bi-Ethnic Community, 1846-1881"
Supervised by: Barnes F. Lathrop

William Philip Hewitt
Dissertation: "The Czechs in Texas: A Study of the Immigration and the Development of Czech Ethnicity, 1850-1920"
Supervised by: Norman Brown

Raymond Wesley Smilor
Dissertation: "Confronting the Industrial Environment: The Noise Problem in America, 1893-1932"
Supervised by: Richard Pells

Steven Curtis Topik: Professor, University of California-Irvine, Irvine, Cal.
Dissertation: "Economic Nationalism and the State in an Undeveloped Country: Brazil, 1889-1930"
Supervised by: Richard Graham


Kenneth Ray Bain
Dissertation: "Roll on, Zion: The United States and the Palestine Question, 1945-1947"
Supervised by: Robert A. Divine

John Lewis Bullion: Professor, University of Missouri- Columbia, Columbia, Mo.
Dissertation: "Honor, Trade and Empire: Grenville's Treasury and ''The American Question,'' 1763- 1765"
Supervised by: Philip L. White

Gail Louise Savage Clark
The Exercise of Power: The Influence of the Civil Service on English Educational Policy, 1919-1939"
Supervised by: Standish Meacham

David Lawrence Fritz
Dissertation: "The Philippine Question: American Civil/Military Policy in the Philippines, 1889-1905"
Supervised by: William Braisted and Lewis L. Gould

James Richard Herzberg
Dissertation: "American Economic Policies Towards Japan, 1931-1941"
Supervised by: Robert A. Divine

Paul Stroman Lofton, Jr.
Dissertation: "A Social and Economic History of Columbia, South Carolina, during the Great Depression, 1929-1940"
Supervised by: Robert C. Cotner

William Joseph Olson
Dissertation: "Some Aspects of Anglo-Iranian Relations, 1914-1919: A Study in Great Power Politics in Regional Affairs"
Supervised by: Hafez Farmayan

Robert Kingsley Peters
Dissertation: "Texas: Annexation to Secession"
Supervised by: Barnes F. Lathrop

Andrew Anthony Tijerina: Professor, Austin Community College, Austin, Texas
Dissertation: "Tejanos and Texas: The Native Mexicans of Texas, 1820-1850"
Supervised by: Joe B. Frantz

Charles Reagan Wilson
Dissertation:"Conceivability and Necessity"
Supervised by: William H. Goetzmann


Robert Martin Alexius
Dissertation: "The Army and Politics in Porfirian Mexico"

Vernon Carl Allsup
Dissertation: "The American G.I. Forum: A History of a Mexican American Organization"
Supervised by: Clarence G. Lasby

Jonathan Charles Brown: Professor, University of Texas, Austin, Texas
Dissertation: "The Commercialization of Buenos Aires: Argentina's Economic Expansion in the Era of Traditional Technology, 1776-1860"
Supervised by: Thomas F. McGann

Theodore Albert Cline
Dissertation: "The Chancellorship of General Kurt von Schleicher: December 1932- January 1933"
Supervised by: Oliver H. Radkey

Frank Dale Cunningham
Dissertation: "The Army and Universal Military Training 1942-1948"
Supervised by: Robert A. Divine

Evelyn Hu DeHart: Professor, Brown University, Providence, R.I.
Dissertation: "Resistance and Survival: A History of the Yanqui People's Struggle for Autonomy, 1533- 1910"
Supervised by: Richard N. Sinkin

Bryan Irven Fugate, Jr.
Dissertation: "Thunder on the Dnepr: The End of the Bitzkrieg Era, Summer, 1941"
Supervised by: Oliver H. Radkey

Richard Barry Lindley
Dissertation: "Kinship and Credit in the Structure of Guadalajara's Oligarchy 1800-1830"
Supervised by: Nettie Lee Benson

Arthur James Mayer
Dissertation: "San Antonio, Frontier Entrepot"
Supervised by: Joe B. Frantz

Michael Alan McCormick
Dissertation: "The Biological Theory of Auguste Comte"
Supervised by: Alexander Vucinich

Thomas Kenneth Niehaus
Dissertation: "Population Problems and Land Use in the Writings of the Spanish Arbitristas: Social and Economic Thinkers, 1600-1650"
Supervised by: Thomas F. Glick, Walter W. Rostow

Bradley Robert Rice
Dissertation: "The Rise and Fall of the Galveston-Des Moines Plan: Commission Government in American Cities, 1901-1920"
Supervised by: Lewis L. Gould

Louis Angel Rodero
Dissertation: "The Coalesnence of Mexican Liberalism: The Constituent Congress of 1856-1857"
Supervised by: Nettie Lee Benson

Philip Owen Spann
Dissertation: "Quintus Sertorious: Citizen, Soldier, Exile"
Supervised by: M. Gwyn Morgan

Mark David Szuchman
Dissertation: "Mobility and Integration in Urban Argentina: Cordoba in the Liberal Era"
Supervised by: Thomas F. McGann

John Mark Tutino: Professor, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
Dissertation: "Creole Mexico: Spanish Elites, Haciendas, and Indian Towns, 1750-1810"
Supervised by: Jay F. Lehnertz, James M. Lockhart

Manuel Urbina, Jr.
Dissertation: "The Impact of the Texas Revolution on the Government, Politics, and Society of Mexico, 1836-1846"
Supervised by: Nettie Lee Benson


Don Wesley Alexander
Dissertation: "Guerilla Warfare in Aragon: A Study of French counterinsurgent policy during the Peninsular War"
Supervised by: Steven T. Ross

Dean Banks
Dissertation: "Creating an ''American Dilemma'': The Impact of Nazi Racism upon American Intergroup Relations, 1933-1940, with Special Reference to Jewish-Americans, German-Americans and the Free-Speech Movement"
Supervised by: Robert C. Cotner

Robert Candler Bogard
Dissertation: "Africanismo and Morocco: 1830-1912"
Supervised by: Thomas F. Glick

John Martin Brockman
Dissertation: "Railroads, Radicals, and Democrats: A Study in Texas Politics, 1865-1900"
Supervised by: Barnes F. Lathrop

Patrick James Carroll
Dissertation: "Mexican Society in Transition: The Blacks in Veracruz, 1750-1830"
Supervised by: Nettie Lee Benson

Robert Charles Ehrhart
Dissertation: "The Politics of Military Rearmament, 1935-1940: The President, the Congress, and the United States Army"
Supervised by: Robert A. Divine

Thomas Holmes Flory
Dissertation: "Judge and Jury in Imperial Brazil: The Social and Political Dimensions of Judicial Reform, 1822-1848"
Supervised by: Richard Graham

Karen Daphne Keel Gould
Dissertation: "The Psalter and Hours of Yolande of Soissons"
Supervised by: Eleanor S. Greenhill

Phillip Lance Hadley
Dissertation: "Mining and Society in Santa Eulalia Mining Complex, Chihuahua, Mexico: 1709-1750"
Supervised by: Richard N. Sinkin

Iyo Iimura Kunimoto
Dissertation: "Japan and Mexico, 1888-1917"
Supervised by: Nettie Lee Benson

Albert Crawford Lewis: Trustee and Secretary to the Educational Advancement Foundation, Austin, Texas
Dissertation: "An Historical Analysis of Grassman's Ausdehnungslehre of 1844"
Supervised by: Robert Palter

Martin Victor Melosi: Professor, University of Houston, Houston, Texas
Dissertation: "The Pearl Harbor Controversy, 1941-1946"
Supervised by: Robert A. Divine

Stephen Daniel Mings
Dissertation: "Strategies in Conflict: Britain and the Anglo-American Alliance, 1941-1943"
Supervised by: Robert A. Divine, Steven T. Ross

William Edward Montgomery
Dissertation: "Negro Churches in the South, 1865-1915"

Elizabeth Anne Morgan
Dissertation: "Robert S. Kerr: The Senate Career"
Supervised by: Lewis L. Gould

Charles Francis O'Neil
Dissertation: "The Search for Order and Progress: Brazilian Mass Education, 1915-1935"
Supervised by: Richard Graham

Robert Kenneth Peters
Dissertation: "The Role of Elite in the Cultural Development of Revolutionary America"
Supervised by: Philip L. White

Donald Franklin Roth
Dissertation: '''Grace not Race' Southern Negro Church Leaders, Black Identity, and Missions to West Africa 1865-1919"
Supervised by: Lewis L. Gould

Bruce David Saunders
Dissertation: "Herbert Baxter Adams and the Development of American Higher Education 1876-1901"
Supervised by: Lewis L. Gould

David Grant Smith
Dissertation: "The Mercantile Class of Portugal and Brazil in the Seventeenth Century: A Socio- Economic Study of the Merchants of Lisbon and Bahia, 1620-1690"
Supervised by: James M. Lockhart

Daniel Earl Spector
Dissertation: "A History of the Persian Jews"
Supervised by: Hafez F. Farmayan

Stewart Edward Sutin
Dissertation: "The Impact of Nazism on the Germans of Argentina"
Supervised by: Thomas F. McGann

William Henry TeBrake
Dissertation: "The Making of a Humanized Landscape in the Dutch Rijnland, 950-1350: Ecological Change in a Coastal Lowland"
Supervised by: Paul W. English

Pat Dawson Ward: Professor, Baylor University, Waco, Texas
Dissertation: "James F. Byrnes and the Council of Foreign Ministers, 1945-1946"
Supervised by: Robert A. Divine


Michele Alexis La Clergue Aldrich: Archivist, American Association for the Advancement of Science (retired)
Dissertation: "New York Natural History Survey, 1836-1845"
Supervised by: William H. Goetzmann

Frederic James Athearn
Dissertation: "Life and Society in Eighteenth-Century New Mexico, 1692-1776"
Supervised by: Joe B. Frantz

John Clinton Brewer
Dissertation: "Lend-Lease: Foreign Policy Weapon in Politics and Diplomacy, 1941-1945"
Supervised by: Robert A. Divine

Maurice Philip Brungardt
Dissertation: "Tithe Production and Patterns of Economic Change in Central Colombia, 1764-1833"
Supervised by: Thomas F. McGann

Bruce Johnson Calder: Professor Emeritus, History Department, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
Dissertation: "Some Aspects of the United States Occupation of the Dominican Republic, 1916-1924"
Supervised by: Thomas F. McGann

Wilson Elbert Dolman III
Dissertation: "The Public Lands of Western Texas, 1870-1900: The Conflict of Public and Private Interests"
Supervised by: Barnes F. Lathrop

William Royston Geise
Dissertation: "The Confederate Military Forces in the Trans-Mississippi West, 1861-1865: A Study in Command"
Supervised by: Barnes F. Lathrop

William Martin King
Dissertation: "Ecuadorian Church and State Relations under Garcia Moreno 1859-1863"

Bobby Dave Lain
Dissertation: "North of Fifty-Three: Army, Treasury Department, and Navy Administration of Alaska, 1867-1884"
Supervised by: John E. Sunder

William Morey Montgomery
Dissertation: "Evolution and Darwinism in German Biology, 1800-1833"
Supervised by: Alexander Vucinich

William George Morris
Dissertation: "The Korean Trusteeship, 1941-1947: The United States, Russia, and the Cold War"
Supervised by: Robert A. Divine

Richard Leverne Niswonger
Dissertation: "Arkansas Democratic Politics 1896-1920"


Mary Caroline Estes Brennan
Dissertation: "American and British Travelers in Mexico, 1822-1846"

Noble David Cook: Professor, Florida International University, Miami, Fla.
Dissertation: "The Indian Population of Peru, 1570-1620"

Roger Allen Griffin: Professor, Austin Community College, Austin, Texas
Dissertation: "Connecticut Yankee in Texas: a Biography of Elisha Marshall Pease"
Supervised by: Barnes F. Lathrop


Martha Mitten Allen
Dissertation: "Women in the West: A Study of Book Length Travel Accounts by Women Who Traveled in the Plains and Rockies with Special Attention to General Concepts That the Women Applied to the Plains, the Mountains, Westerners and the West in General"

Garland Erastus Bayliss
Dissertation: "Public Affairs in Arkansas, 1874-1896"

David White Biddle
Dissertation: "The Development of the Bureaucracy of the Islamic Empire During the Late Umayyad and Early Abbasid Period"

Robert Wayne Butler
Dissertation: "The Origins of the Liberal party in Venezuela: 1830-1848"

Donald Alvin Dacy
Dissertation: "The White Russian Movement: A Study of the Failure of Counter-Revolution, 1917-1920"

David McEwen Dean
Dissertation: "James Theodore Holly, 1829-1911, Black Nationalist and Bishop"

Roger Allen Griffin: Professor, Austin Community College, Austin, Texas; deceased Jan. 2016
Dissertation: "Connecticut Yankee in Texas: a Biography of Elisha Marshall Pease"
Supervised by: Barnes F. Lathrop

James K. Hopkins: Professor and Department Chair, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
Dissertation: "Joanna Southcott: A Study of Popular Religion and Radical Politics, 1789-1814"

Ronald Burke Jager
Dissertation: "The Democracy's Demise: Grover Cleveland's Rejected Supreme Court Nominations"

Richard Alan Kieckhefer: Professor of Religion and History, Department of Religious Studies, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill.
Dissertation:" Repression of Heresy in Germany, 1348-1520"

Robert Johnson Rosenbaum
Dissertation: "Mexicano versus Americano: A Study of Hispanic-American Resistance to Anglo-American Control in New Mexico Territory, 1870-1900"

Henry Conrad Schmidt
Dissertation: "The Search for National Identity in Mexico 1900-1934"

Robert Watson Sledge: Professor Emeritus, History Department, McMurry University, Abilene, Texas
Dissertation: "A History of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1914-1939"

Gregory Michael Tobin
Dissertation: "Walter Prescott Webb and The Great Plains: A Historiographical Study"

Robert Allan White
Dissertation: "Gomes Freire de Andrade: Life and Times of Brazilian Colonial Governor, 1688-1763"

Randall Bennett Woods
Dissertation: "United States' Policy toward Argentina from Pearl Harbor to San Francisco"


Abbas Said AbuSalih
Dissertation: "History of the Foreign Policy of Lebanon, 1943-1958"

David Bergen Adams
Dissertation: "The Tlaxcalan Colonies of Spanish Coahuila and Nuevo Leon: An Aspect of the Settlement of Northern Mexico"

Meredith Blake Lentz Adams
Dissertation: "The Morgenthau Plan: A Study in Bureaucratic Depravity"

Everett Wayne Cutler
Dissertation: "William H. Crawford: A Contextual Biography"

Charles Augustus Duval, Jr.
Dissertation: "The Forgotten Bolshevik: Jacob Mikhailovich Sverdlov, 1885-1917"

Richard Kay Eubanks
Dissertation: "The Diplomacy of Postponement: The United States and Russia's Western Frontier Claims During World War II"

John Ellis Findling
Dissertation: "The United States and Zelaya: A study in the Diplomacy of Expediency"

Lawrence Corbett Goodwin
Dissertation: "The Origin and Development of American Populism"

Betty Jane Kissler
Dissertation: "Venezuela-Guyana Boundary Dispute: 1899-1966"

William Howard Moore
Dissertation: "The Kefauver Committee and the Politics of Crime, 1950-1952"

David Erland Vassberg
Dissertation: "The Sale of Tierras Baldias in Castile During the Reign of Philip II"


Roger Lee Cunniff
Dissertation: "The Great Drought: Northeast Brazil 1877-1880"

John Schwald Innes
Dissertation: "Revolution and Renaissance in Mexico: El Ateneo de la Juventud"

Walter Kraft Lambert
Dissertation: "New Deal Revenue Acts: The Politics of Taxation"

Clara Maria Pioppi Lovett
Dissertation: "Carlo Cattaneo and the Politics of the Risorgimento, 1820-1860"

Charles William Macune, Jr.
Dissertation: "A Test of Federalism: Political, Economic, and Ecclesiastical Relations between the State of Mexico and the Mexican Nation, 1823-1835"

Johnny Mac McCain
Dissertation: "Contract Labor as a Factor in the United States-Mexican Relations, 1942-1947"

John Edgar McDaniel, Jr.
Dissertation: "The Presidential Election of 1888"

Adrian Michael McMahon
Dissertation: "The Concept of Freedom and the Radical Abolitionists, 1860-1870"

Fredrick William Rathjen
Dissertation: "The Texas Panhandle Frontier"

Jaime E. Rodriguez O.
Dissertation: "Vicente Rocafuerte and Mexico, 1820-1832"

Susan Cora Schneider
Dissertation: "The General Company of the Cultivation of the Vine of the Upper Douro, 1756-1777: A Case Study of the Marquis of Pombal's Economic Reform Program"

Ernest Stanislaus Sweeny
Dissertation: "Catholic and Protestant Missionaries in Argentina, 1938-1962"

Paul Joseph Vanderwood
Dissertation: "The Rurales: Mexico's Rural Police Force, 1861-1914"

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