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History Department

Talk: "Age of Revolutions: Sao Paulo and Legal institutions in Brazil and Portugal," by Andréa Slemian, Fapesp and Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil (Latin American Colloquium)

Thu, September 20, 2018 | GAR 0.128

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Dr. Andréa Slemian, Professor of History at Federal University of São Paulo and Visiting Research Scholar, Fapesp, Brazil), will discuss the Age of Revolutions, Sao Paulo, and legal institutions in Brazil and Portugal. Dr. Slemian is A Visiting Research Affiliate at the Institute for Historical Studies this year, where she is research her project "Appeal´s Courts (Tribunais da Relação) between the Portuguese and the Brazil Empires, 1750-1840." Read about her work at http://www.unifesp.br/campus/gua/docentes-historia/248-andrea-slemian.

The Latin American Colloquium series will expose faculty and students on campus (not only history) to historiography in Spanish and Portuguese  and to faculty from the South Atlantic, whose work is often ignored.  It will also have faculty working on exiting  Latin American related topics. The colloquium will be a conversation, not a formal presentation. We ask participants to read a couple of articles or excerpts from books and come prepared to have a conversation (sometimes in Spanish or Portuguese). The colloquium is convened by Professor Jorge Canizares-Esguerra, Alice Drysdale Sheffield Professor of History, UT Austin. For the readings for each week, please contact at:

Sponsored by History Department; LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections; African and African Diaspora Studies; History of Science Colloquium; and Professors Delgado Garrido, Greg Childs, and Cameron Strang.

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