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History Department

Symposium: "Seaborne Renaissance: Global Exchanges and Religion in Early Modernity"

Sat, February 6, 2010 | Harry Ransom Center, Prothro Theater

9:15 AM - 5:00 PM

Rereading Europe’s relation to its Others, these interdisciplinary talks will forge new ways of thinking about cross-cultural relations, religious conflict, and the ways in which the sea serves as conduit for translating goods, peoples, and ideas.


Bernadette Andrea, English, University of Texas, San Antonio
"Turbans and Crosses, Circassians and Carmelites: Convertibility in Early Modern Accounts of Anglo-Persian Exchanges"

Richmond Barbour, English, Oregon State University
"Captivity, Embargo, Blockade: English Mariners in Arabia and India, 1608-1612."

Giancarlo Casale, History, University of Minnesota
"The Worlds of Hajji Ahmed: A Sixteenth-Century Ottoman's Vision of Europe and Empire"

Kumkum Chatterjee, History, Pennsylvania State University
"South Asian Cosmopolitanism in the Early Modern Era"

Bindu Malieckal, English, Saint Anselm College
"Muslims, Christians, and Spices: Renaissance Re-Tellings of Religious Conflict in the Indian Ocean, from East Africa to South India"

Robert Markley, English, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
"Trade, Religion, and the East India Company in the Seventeenth Century"

Jyotsna Singh, English, Michigan State University
"Jahangir's Mughal Court as a "Contact Zone": Translation and Traffic in Early Anglo-Muslim Encounters"

Daniel Vitkus, English, Florida State University
"‘The Only Moderne People': Anglo-Islamic Exchange, Capitalism, and Early Modernity."

Moderators / Discussants:

Samuel Baker, English, University of Texas at Austin
Tarek El-Ariss, Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Cynthia Talbot, History, University of Texas at Austin
Hannah Wojciehowski, English, University of Texas at Austin

Musical performance at reception by Bereket, a UT Middle Eastern Ensemble

For more information, contact Su Fang Ng (ngsf@ou.edu)

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Schedule of the event available here  
This event is free and open to the public.

Sponsored by: The Donald D. Harrington Facutly Fellows Program, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, South Asia Inst., Harry Ransom Center

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