History Department
History Department

Lecture: "Hard of Hearing: Acoustic Legacies and Public Policies"

Wed, April 14, 2010 | GAR 1.101

3:00 PM

David Sanjek, professor of music and director of the Centre for Popular Music at the University of Salford, will present a lecture entitled "Hard of Hearing: Acoustic Legacies and Public Policies".

His lecture addresses the interconnection between the term copyright in recorded sound and the access a society possesses to its recorded legacy. What does a culture stand to lose if it can listen only to a limited body of recordings and should it take action to assure that the range of its available sound not be eroded by the actions of the owners of those mechanical copyrights?

Sanjek literally wrote (along with his father, Russell) the book on the American music business in the 20th century. An active and prolific scholar of popular music, he was the longtime archivist for BMI, one of the premiere performance rights organizations in the U.S. Sanjek has deep insider knowledge about the history and functioning of the music business, and he has written extensively about a wealth of topics concerning popular, vernacular music, technology, and intellectual property.

Sponsored by: History Dept., Dept. of American Studies

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