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History Department

Humanities Texas: Summer Teacher Institutes

Only lecture that is free and open to the public is by Professor H.W. Brands, Sunday, June 6

Sun, June 6, 2010 | LBJ Library and Museum

Detail from
Detail from "The County Election, 1852" by George Caleb Bingham (American, 1811-1879)

Please RSVP to Humanities Texas if you will be attending the Sunday lecture by Brands entitled “Ben Franklin and the Witches,” 6–7 p.m., LBJ Library, 10th Floor, 2313 Red River St.

Humanities Texas will host a summer institute for middle school social studies teachers at The University of Texas at Austin from June 6-9. The focus of this institute will be topics in U.S. history and culture from the colonial era through Reconstruction that are central to the 8th grade social studies curriculum.

History Department professors will be presenting lectures and workshops. The summer institutes are for middle school social studies teachers only, with the exception of Professor H.W. Brands lecture on Sunday evening.

Draft Program (as of April 29, 1010); UT History Dept. professors are in bold
Sunday, June 6 (Free and open to the public):
"Ben Franklin and the Witches" — Professor H.W. Brands, History Dept., University of Texas

Monday, June 7
The Spanish Colonial Period — Juliana Barr, University of Florida
The Revolutionary Period — Professor Robert Olwell, History Dept., University of Texas
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights — Charles Flanagan, National Archives and Records Administration

Tuesday, June 8
Economic Development — Sean Patrick Adams, University of Florida
Native Americans and Western Expansion — Professor Erika Bsumek, History Dept., University of Texas
Slavery — Professor Carey Latimore, Trinity University
Social Reform Movements of the 19th Century — Kathi Kern, University of Kentucky
The Jacksonian Era — Professor H.W. Brands, History Dept., University of Texas

Wed., June 9
Sectionalism and the Civil War — Professor George Forgie, History Dept., University of Texas
Reconstruction — Alwyn Barr, Texas Tech University

Humanities Texas 2010 Summer Teacher Institutes

Complete image caption: Detail from The County Election, 1852 by George Caleb Bingham (American, 1811-1879). Oil on canvas, 38x52 inches. Saint Louis Art Museum, Gift of Bank of America 44:2001.

Sponsored by: Humanities Texas, LBJ Library and Museum, College of Liberal Arts, History Dept.

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