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History Department

Talk: "Philosophy Lives! Abstraction and Affect in Recent French Thought"

Wed, February 8, 2012 | GAR 4.100

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

This talk will assess historically the return to 'philosophy' in contemporary French thought, with a special focus on the unlikely connections between what has been deemed the 'theological turn' of French phenomenology and the renewed concern for 'Life' in various strands of French materialism. Indeed, recent decades have witnessed calls for an end to 'the end of philosophy' alongside a bold resurgence of metaphysical speculation that exceeds the most extravagant pronouncements of 'French Theory'.  By investigating the commitment to abstraction that marks much of this speculative philosophy, the talk will attempt to arrive at some conclusions regarding the force of conceptual commitments and the consequences that follow from the valorization of the non-representational that attends much contemporary thinking about 'affect'.

Knox Peden is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for the History of European Discourses at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. He holds a PhD in European intellectual history from UC Berkeley (2009), and his writings have appeared in Modern Intellectual History, History & Theory, Continental Philosophy Review, and Radical Philosophy.  He is currently working on several projects, including a monograph titled Spinoza contra Phenomenology: The Persistence of Rationalism in Twentieth-Century French Thought and a survey titled French Philosophy Today: A Historical Introduction. Later this year, Verso will publish two volumes he has co-edited with Peter Hallward devoted to the contents and legacy of the French journal, the Cahiers pour l'Analyse (1966-1969).

For more information, please see Dr. Peden's home page.

Free. Open to the public.

Sponsored by: Center for European Studies, Department of French and Italian, Department of History, and Institute for Historical Studies

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