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"Capital as Will & Imagination: Schumpeter’s Guide to the Postwar Japanese Miracle" by Mark Metzler (History Faculty New Book Talk)

Mon, November 25, 2013 | GAR 4.100

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

The History Faculty New Book Series presents:

Capital as Will & Imagination: Schumpeter’s Guide to the Postwar Japanese Miracle (Cornell University Press, April 2013), by Mark Metzler.

Monday, Nov. 25 | 3:00 p.m. | GAR 4.100

"Mark Metzler has written a brilliant book on the economic intellectual underpinnings of Japan's postwar economic recovery and subsequent high-speed economic growth. His approach and conclusions are both powerful and unique. Metzler argues that the European economist who had the greatest impact on Japanese planners after World War II was Joseph Schumpeter, who argued that finance capital is a way to direct the factors of production to new uses. In Capital as Will and Imagination, Metzler uses Schumpeter’s ideas and Japan’s experience as paradigms to look at the rise and development of modern capitalism in general. Building on his earlier book on Japan and the gold standard, Metzler has made himself the primary Western historian of Japanese capitalism in an international context."
—Richard Smethurst, UCIS Research Professor of History at the University of Pittsburgh, author of
A Social Basis for Prewar Japanese Militarism: The Army and the Rural Community

"In this meticulously researched book, the author makes two provocative claims that are apt to start a debate: that Japan's quick growth after World War II was the result of inflation; and that Joseph Schumpeter advocated a mixture of entrepreneurship and inflation as the most effective way to create economic growth. The combination of solid scholarship with bold theorizing makes Capital as Will and Imagination into a very welcome addition to the current debate, not only of the economic history of Japan but also of the nature of economic growth and its causes."
—Richard Swedberg, Cornell University, author of Joseph A. Schumpeter: His Life and Work

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