History Department
History Department

University History Society presents a lecture

C.J. Cervantes, a History and Government major, on President Nixon's policies towards the Vietnam 'War.'

'Of the 58,000 American deaths in the Vietnam War, approximately 20,000 of them, slightly less than half, happened while Richard Nixon was President of the United States, a man who declared that the war would end under his presidency.

Thu, March 5, 2009 | GAR 1.134

6:00 PM

Many critics have stated that American withdrawal under Nixon was stretched over too long a period of time and came at the expense of a spread of the war past Vietnam’s borders. However, Nixon and other defenders of his administration have claimed that it was necessary in order to achieve “peace with honor”...It is remarkable that Nixon executed his campaign promise to end the war, only because the extraction corresponded with widening of the war into previously stable countries and an increase in the use of force by the United States military.'

Sponsored by: UHS, History Dept.

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