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History Department

Gender Symp.: " 'The Stoutest Creatures West of the Mississippi': Black Women’s Physical Culture and Fat Shame, 1900-1930," by Ava Purkiss, Ph.D. Candidate, History

Fri, February 28, 2014 | GAR 1.102

10:00 AM

Information forthcoming.

Ava Purkiss is a doctoral candidate studying U.S. history. Her area of research is African American women’s physical culture in the early twentieth century, with an emphaisis in the economic, political, and social barriers to exercise for African American women and the ways in which they circumvented these barriers and sought health and fitness. Ava earned my B.A. in psychology from Dickinson College and her M.A. in African New World Studies from Florida International University.

Please note the special time! > > 10:00am

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