History Department
History Department

History Honors Symposium 2014

Fri, April 11, 2014 | GAR 1.102

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Please join us for research project presentations by History Honors students, class of ’14. Individual presentations of 10 minutes each, followed by 10-12 minutes for questions. Snacks will be served, and all are welcome!

Session I:  9.30am-12noon – Moderator: Catherine Moreno
9.30  Catherine Moreno: A Story of Syncretism and Approval: The Virgin of Guadalupe ​from Inception to Independence (Advisor: Prof. Ann Twinam)
10.00  Katie Sinclair: “La Chasse aux papillons”: Myth, History, and Memory in the Penal ​Colony of French Guiana (Advisor: Prof. Philippa Levine)
10.30  Aisha Ali: Let London Talk: The Role of Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of ​Devonshire, in the Westminster Election of 1784 (Advisor: Prof. James Vaughn)
11.00  Scott Jameson: A Yellow Metal’s Quest: The Charitable Journey of the Gold ​Found During the Victoria Gold Rush of 1851 (Advisor: Prof. Roger Louis)
11.30  Christopher Kea: A King's Decisions: Foreign Policy of Charles II from ​Restoration to the Third Anglo-Dutch War (Advisor: Prof. James Vaughn)
Session II: 1.30-5.00 pm – Moderator: Scott Jameson
1.30  Nathan Vest: A Liberty Loving People: Developing an American Identity During ​the Barbary Wars, 1785-1895 (Advisor: Prof. Denise Spellberg)
2.00  Emily You: Inheriting the Sino-centric Tradition of Foreign Relations: China’s Post-​1949 Approach to the International System (Advisor: Prof. Huaiyin Li)
2.30  George Kimson: George Habash, The Popular Front for the Liberation of ​Palestine, and the First Intifada (Advisor: Prof. Yoav Di-Capua)
3.00  Jasmin Lott: Race, Place & Contested Space: The Battle Over Freedman’s Town & ​Racial Homogeneity in Dallas Neighborhoods (Advisor: Prof. Anne Martinez)
3.30  Justina Moloney: Dissimilar War Stories: British and American First World War ​Experiences as Represented Through Literature (Advisor: Prof. H. W. Brands)
4.00  Arjun Awasthi: A Futile Stand: the Punjab Boundary Force and Peacekeeping of ​the 20th Century (Advisor: Prof. Roger Louis)
4.30  Victoria Schwartz: ‘Working’ in the Verbs: Gender and Labor in Pre-Industrial ​England (Advisor: Prof. Julie Hardwick)

Sponsored by: The Honors Program, Department of History

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