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Religion and Culture

Photo of Robert H. Abzug

Robert H. Abzug

Professor Emeritus; Audre & Bernard Rapoport Regents Chair of Jewish Studies

zug@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7240 |
GAR 3.310

Education: Ph.D., History, 1977, University of California, Berkeley

Photo of Kamran Scot Aghaie

Kamran Scot Aghaie

Associate Professor; Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

kamranaghaie@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6400 |
WMB 6.102

Education: Ph.D., 1999, University of California at Los Angeles

Photo of Benjamin Claude Brower

Benjamin Claude Brower

Associate Professor

benbrower@utexas.edu |
512-475-6813 |
GAR 3.204

Education: Ph.D., 2005, Cornell University

Photo of Matthew Butler

Matthew Butler

Associate Professor

mbutler@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7972 |
GAR 3.414

Education: Ph.D., University of Bristol

Photo of Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

Professor; Alice Drysdale Sheffield Professor of History; Director, Institute for Historical Studies

canizares-esguerra@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7694 |
GAR 2.108

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Photo of Toyin Falola

Toyin Falola

Professor; Jacob & Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities; University Distinguished Teaching Prof.

toyinfalola@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7224 |
GAR 2.142

Education: Ph.D., 1981, History, University of Ife

Photo of Alison K. Frazier

Alison K. Frazier

Associate Professor

akfrazier@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6375 |
GAR 2.109

Education: Ph.D., 1997, Columbia University

Photo of Virginia Garrard

Virginia Garrard


garrard@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7822 |
GAR 2.204

Education: Ph.D., Tulane University

Photo of Neil D. Kamil

Neil D. Kamil

Associate Professor

kamil@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-6110 |
GAR 2.146

Education: Ph.D., 1989, Johns Hopkins University

Photo of Brian P. Levack

Brian P. Levack

Professor Emeritus; John E. Green Regents Professor Emeritus in History; Distinguished Teaching Professor

levack@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7204 |
GAR 3.502

Education: Ph.D., 1970, Yale University

Photo of Tatjana Lichtenstein

Tatjana Lichtenstein

Associate Professor

lichtens@austin.utexas.edu |
737-701-0600 |
GAR 2.138

Education: Ph.D. 2009, University of Toronto, Canada

Photo of Abraham Marcus

Abraham Marcus

Associate Professor Emeritus


Education: Ph.D., 1979, Columbia University

Photo of G. Howard Miller

G. Howard Miller

Associate Professor Emeritus; Distinguished Teaching Professor


Education: Ph.D., 1970, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Photo of Gail Minault

Gail Minault

Professor Emerita

gminault@austin.utexas.edu |

Education: PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Photo of A. Azfar Moin

A. Azfar Moin

Associate Professor

amoin@utexas.edu |
+1 512 232 7224 |
BUR 518

Education: PhD, University of Michigan

Photo of Martha G. Newman

Martha G. Newman

Professor in the Departments of History and Religious Studies

newman@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-2264 |
GAR 3.408, BUR 530

Education: Ph.D., 1988, Stanford University

Photo of Rachel Ozanne

Rachel Ozanne


rachel.ozanne@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6870 |
GAR 3.226

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas

Interests: 19th century religion in the United States; theory of religion and religious experiences; intellectual history; history of psychology; ethics of Sainthood; Texas history

Photo of Alan Tully

Alan Tully

Professor; Eugene C. Barker Centennial Professorship in American History

tully@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-6320 |
GAR 3.504

Education: Ph.D., 1973, Johns Hopkins University